It is the successor of the famous Aston Martin DB9 played in Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005). Even we do love the fast cars. This time it is the legendary Lamborghini with its Centenario. The mighty Corvette can compete with the world's finest supercars. The first thing that Richard Porter noticed when the Mercedes GLS turned up at his house on a sunny morning was that everything went dark. That’s where the 650S gets her name. Handling is amazing, brakes stupendous. We culled the list to remove special editions and slight variants. Based on the “regular” F12, this hardcore version gets a 38bhp power hike over its sibling and a higher limit of 8500rpm. The tunings of Acura NSX can make it a monster as well as a daily chore runner. The tests had the V6 engine in the machine, while the upgrade holds the 4 L Twin-turbocharged V8 engine borrowed from Bentley Continental GT. It revs up to 8,000 rpm and delivers no less than 661 hp. It is the successor of the famous Aston Martin DB9 played in Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005). More Info. Power is harnessed via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. A naturally aspirated 5.2 liter V10 that makes 540 hp. Power comes from a 3.8 liter V8 and it is enough for a 2.9 seconds sprint to 60 mph. The V10 Plus brings 610 hp. Replacing the naturally aspirated engine in its predecessor, the 458 Italia, with a smaller, turbocharged V8, means that it delivers peak power more of the time, from lower revs. The Porsche 911 – R comes with a 4 L six – inline – cylinder engine. A mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 sends power to the rear wheels, but there’s also an electric motor at the back, and two up front, making this NSX  all-wheel drive and boosting the power. View the used Lamborghini Aventadors for sale on If you have ever visualized a killer car with a killer mission of annihilating the competition, then you must be thinking of the Audi R8 V10. Performance at the very top of the rev range is less spine-tingling than before but we’ll take that trade-off for one of the most drivable and rewarding Ferraris yet made. SE1 9GF Chiron wants to blow our minds, so it will use an 8.0 liter W16 engine with four turbos. In fact this is a powerful version of the 650S. Published 03 January 2016 By Sunday Times Driving. So that’s the reason automobile companies produce supercars. While staying in the Britain, we get another McLaren. The car is expected to bring between $1.4 million and $2.1 million. It has the power of 500 hp over 338 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a 6.5 L V12 engine with 759 horses at 690 lb-ft of torque. Say Hello To The Top Supercars 2016 Has To Offer! The car has yet been featured in an Android Game developed by Electronic Arts and Fire Monkey. It has 661 hp at 561 lb-ft of torque. Chiron has got a mind-blowing performance schedule. Now, all we have to do is wait for the Chiron, the new supercar that is being readied. This German fella is doing much with luxury. Transmission is a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic, no manual option sadly. It can accelerate up to 62 mph within 3 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph. Ford will build less than 1,000 units. While Acura NSX comes with a 3.5 L V6 engine having 573 horses at 406 lb-ft of torque. Ok, now we are talking. Things that differ are the engine tuning and the aerodynamics of the car. Or how much expensive it is. The transmission is developed in-house and it's called Koenigsegg Direct Drive System (KDD) and it eliminates the need for a conventional transmission. The Swedish supercar manufacturer with the unpronounceable name launched some new dream material at the Geneva Car Show in 2015. Total power? And she can reach 62 mph within 3 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph. The latest Huracan is no exception. View the used Ferrari 488 GTBs for sale on They are designed in a way that the natural environment even speeds-up the car. Power is sent to the rear wheels, all 571 hp. Its controversial grille is the talking point but there's more to the BMW 4 Series Coupé than a pair of whacking great incisors. See Also: The Most Expensive Supercars Ever. Besides the normal version, there is also the powerful Z06 variant. Here are just two of the entries we have received. Read More. It's a hybrid supercar that will be built in a limited production run of only 80 units. The Honda’s Acura NSX, which has two market targets. Now we’ve got the stunning Italian Ferrari 488 GTB. It just takes 2.7 seconds to reach the 62 mph mark and maintains a controlled top speed of 186 mph. Power has been boosted by 25bhp over the 650S, hence the 675 name (the LT stands for Longtail). The Seat Ateca is one of several ponies that Volkswagen has in the SUV market, all underpinned by the same MQB platform. The Swedish supercar manufacturer with the unpronounceable name launched some new dream material at the Geneva Car Show in 2015. And to fuel our passion, we chose 10 of the best supercars for 2016. The result is 0-62mph in  less than three seconds and the fleeting ability to waft about silently. Acura NSX is a hybrid supercar. But the looks are worth it. In December 2014, Supercars released details concerning the future of the category. This sports premium car takes 2.7 seconds to reach 62 mph and has a maximum speed of 205 mph. Bugatti has ended the Veyron chapter with an homage, a special edition called La Finale. 1 London Bridge Street The list is waiting for you ahead: Let’s begin from France. Its power is sourced from a naturally aspirated 3.8 flat-six good for 475 hp. Over 1,500 hp! Well, this is another British companion in our list. Don’t forget the legendary Koenigsegg One. The only thing to matter at this platform is that how fast does it travel and how beautiful does it look like. Well, the 2016 DB11 comes with a 6 L V12 engine. The latest sensation to roll out of Ferrari’s Maranello factory is fierce — in the way it looks, in the titanic 660bhp from its 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 and in the way it needs to be driven if you’re looking for its peak performance. Share Article 1 Ferrari 488GTB. First estimates tell us that a Chiron will set you back $2.5 million. The LT moniker is derived from the 1997 F1 GT "Longtail". The new generation is more powerful as ever. We have some very special supercars coming to Sherborne this year. Last updated October 15, 2017. Plus a twin-turbo V6 good for 600 hp, carbon-fiber body and active aerodynamics. It has 600 horses to run at 516 lb-ft of torque. Koenigsegg Regera. It boasts of great stats, enough to outshine the rest. Supercars Championship. The 488 in the franchise name of the car holds a distinction. We have got a Centaur with us from Bugatti called Chiron. Aggressive, yet elegant, the Huracan will blow your mind also with its performance figures. The new 911 is a performance car with a very large want factor, but the 911 GT3 is the Holy Graal between Porsche purists. Nick D April 19, 2016. It comes with a 3.8 L-twin turbocharged V8 engine at 641 horses. 17. Everyone loves the fast rides. Five unique colors are also available for the 675LT. Increased downforce gives it the kind of performance more akin to a full racing machine, but it’s still great to drive on the road. Sure, it’s not as clever as some of the new hybrid hypercars on the block, but the Aventador SV still delivers that supercar strut with Italian passion. The source of the music is the twin-turbo 3.9 liter V8 located behind the seats. Among them, there are a number of cars that are even cheaper in price. And to fuel our passion, we chose 10 of the best supercars for 2016. It's a rare chance to own an Aston Martin that nobody else can have. So it’s no surprise to learn it has already (officially) sold out. The latest from Maranello, Ferrari 488 GTB is a beast with a sonorous wail. Oh, and it was sensational to drive because the Honda asked its own Formula One  driver Ayrton Senna to sign off the chassis. When the NSX arrived in 1989 it made Ferrari take note: the Japanese supercar  didn’t break down every five minutes and it was easy to live with and a lot less expensive too. Corvette is also a performance bargain, price-wise. At her peak tuning, Acura NSX can reach 62 mph within 2.7 seconds with a top speed of 191 mph. The result is a supremely agile car and one that makes a shiversome animal howl. 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Well, it can reach 62 mph within 3 seconds and has a maximum speed of 207 mph. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Not actually Japan, let’s move to Ohio. This baby reaches 62 mph within 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph. Guides for basic car maintenance from the experts at Haynes. Lamborghini has always stolen the show with the look of its supercars. The Supercars are super indeed because of their shape and performance. The optional sports exhaust ups the power to 460 hp. The best motoring journalist ... in the world, Britain's biggest motormouth's classic quips, " What I really think about... supercars, America, foreigners, car launches, Top Gear, the battle of the sexes and cars ", Jeremy Clarkson's reviews on, Unmissable reviews marking his first 20 years at the Sunday Times, Stories and advice about our beloved classics. You just need to attach her the wings and she’ll fly! A true car good at the track but also on road. Unfortunately the F12td is one of the cars in this category built in such limited numbers that they are not on sale to just anyone; you need an invitation. It's a hybrid supercar that will be built in a limited production run of only 80 units. In April 2016, the series reached an agreement with Virgin Australia to rename the series to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship on 1 July.

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