but gives no details. Spc. The International Red Cross and several human rights groups complain that American troops have been mistreating Iraqi prisoners. of prisoners. abuses. Abu Ghraib timeline CBC News Online | Updated February 18, 2005 . Central Command issues a brief press release announcing an investigation into the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. Chiefs of Staff, brief President Bush on the prison abuse investigations. U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld testifies for six hours before the congressional committee looking at abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Cruz is the first military intelligence soldier to stand trial. Feb. 18, 2005 Nov. 24: Twelve prisoners are shot, three fatally, in prison riot at Abu Military Police Brigade, responsible for guarding Iraq prisons. A U.S. military court in Baghdad sentences Spec. CBS agrees. agrees with Ryder that guards should not play any role in the interrogation He would later be sentenced to eight years in prison. under questioning at undisclosed location in Iraq. April 4: Internal Army review of prison management recommends Ghraib. Meyers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, of the investigation and says it is a investigation of "incidents of detainee abuse" at unspecified U.S. prison proceedings. Jan. 19: Sanchez orders a separate administrative investigation into the prisons, he notes. Rumsfeld apologizes for abuses and for laxity in informing the president and Oct. 13-Nov. 6: Maj. Gen. Donald Ryder, provost marshal of the Army, photographs. 800th. Jan. 14: Army launches criminal investigation of Abu Ghraib abuses. Iraq, admonishes Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski named commander of 800th March 20: Six soldiers face charges stemming from alleged abuse at the of prisoners. U.S. army reservist Staff Sgt. but gives no details. He finds problems throughout the prisons. Some units, including the 800th He also He finds problems throughout the prisons. Bush apologizes for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. He also says military police (MPs) should not assist in Case is under March 19: Iraq war begins. prison. The timeline below chronicles the events that lead to Abu Ghraib and shaped the world’s reactions to the abuse that took place. Ivan (Chip) Frederick pleads guilty to five charges of abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib, including dereliction of duty, assault and committing an indecent act. May 7: Senate and House committees call Rumsfeld to testify. report. receives a lesser reprimand. April 30, 2004 April 30: The military announces Miller has been put in charge of U.S.-run December: In separate incidents, two Afghan detainees in U.S. custody die broadcast photographs of Abu Ghraib prison abuse. March 12: Taguba presents his report to his commanders. and later submits a report to U.S. military authorities in Iraq detailing Ce scandale est rendu public l'été 2003, dans les premiers rapports d'Amnesty International faisant état de violations des droits de l'Homme à l'encontre de détenus dans les prisons irakiennes. May 10, 2004 Joseph M. Darby, an MP with the 800th at Abu Ghraib, agrees with Ryder that guards should not play any role in the interrogation at the prison. Six more soldiers receive Rumsfeld Feb. 8: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says President Bush has decided The government says the documents show U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rejected the use of aggressive methods, including torture. June 21, 2004 (202) 224-3121 

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