If you see that a particular keyword gets your competitor tons of traffic, you can bet that targeting similar keywords will do the same for you. Try to send an email on your gmail address including dot i.e for mine one it can be t.anvirzafar0@gmail.com, ta.nvirzafar0@gmail.com, tan.vir@gmail.com or any other instance of dot :). I use it extensively when building competitor lists of people within my Domain Rating range to reverse engineer them later.​. If you followed the steps and added your project, as described in the previous chapter, you should be all set up with the Site Explorer.

And here’s where it gets really interesting.

In this … In this case, I’m using the keyword “beards” as an example. This isn’t an aggressive push notification that everyone despises. A PayPal Account (with $0.00, make a new one if you don’t have). It’s basically ‘Top Content” but ranked by the number of referring domains. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the … If these content pieces are performing well for his competitors, chances are it will perform well for Ahrefs. High numbers of 404 errors can count against the quality metrics of your site and hurt your rankings. Another useful metric shown here (and one you also get with few other keyword research tools), is the number of organic “keywords” a page site is ranking for. And that will bring up the SERP analysis. Use this data to find profitable keywords.

Even though Ahrefs had a pool of a few thousand users (because they were one of the few backlink analysis tools), Soulo knew they could do better. Because they want to get found,” Soulo concluded. Sure, you’re pumping out keyword-oriented content, but you have no idea of what works. As expected, this shows the top pages on the site. It’s somehow been lacking compared to the tool itself. No, NO :). I have seen so many people buy these kinds of tools with great intentions but they never do anything with the data they collect. I saw how you use Ahrefs for this, and this made me sign up.’”.

And as discussed in Strategy 1, Ahrefs don’t retarget as they don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed. Leadfeeder generates new leads, offers insight on your customers Let’s dive into each section of the link explorer in more detail. If you liked Ahrefs, just give it a 15-day trial. Share on facebook. This view gives you an opportunity to understand how a specific competitor builds the bulk of their backlinks by social shares. This makes it a great opportunity to strike and dominate the market. The main way to use this function is to identify new or old content on your competitor’s site that gets traction because of some news or article in a big publication and replicate it in a timely manner followed by targeted outreach to get similar links to them. You can also use it to find pages with 4xx errors (such as 404 errors) and fix the broken parts of your site very easily. Ahrefs gives 2 week free trial for standard and Pro account. This also works great for curation together with Sniply to generate site clicks.​. You also get tons of data on new links acquired by a site, which is great for spotting opportunities. It’s premium service is very authentic but also very costly.

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