Can you believe One MICHELIN Starred @lerouy_ will turn 3 this August? The sashimi was very good and the standard of tempura was very high.

Chef @inpikleon did the honours of presenting the dessert, a composition of Chisote strawberries from Cameron Highlands, sorrel sorbet, fromage blanc and light ginger sauce.

Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? These meals are inspired by moments in his life, such as a favourite childhood dish or something he recalls enjoying at a point in his travels.
One thing’s for sure, it is also wet. All rights reserved. Cod roe, squids and white and king mushrooms with cream sauce.

Distance: 0.08 miles, Moeida ($) The waiter didnt budge to seat us in the corner. If food with “zhup” (gravy) gets you weak in the knees, this pizza has your name on it.

When you watch her and her team in action, you can tell the food here is prepared with so much heart. Chef formed them individually, very sensuously I might add, and presented in this order - Snapper, Kanpachi, Botan Ebi with Blue Roe (this was truly wow), Kinmedai Aburi, Hokigai or Surf Clam Aburi (it’s intensely umami-sweet), Nodoguro (am always thrilled to enjoy this oily fish), a mesmerising Zuke with hot Shari and finally, Japanese Barracuda Aburi. Clearly relishing his freedom and opportunity to create, Chef Hatch is on an inspired rampage, even managing to change up his Menus fortnightly. For the benefit of those who DM-ed me, Chef Taro’s “Guerilla Bento” is available only on Saturdays and it changes every time. A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of Shrimp katsu, egg, scallion, onion, rice, and nori. When I visited for lunch, I ordered the 6-course $128++ Tasting Menu and Chef Akane Eno’s take on our local hawker dish of prawn noodles was one of my favourites from all the courses. You bet I was wreathed in smiles as I ravished my set meal. We showed up, too bad the ventilation was poor the smokes were hovering the ceiling level.

First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again. Fresh, well cut.

But that is also what makes this pizza special because that luscious liquid is a siren call for all crusts. Last night their famous pot roast.

Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant?

Chef Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida is back. I visited Akane for lunch with my friends, we ordered some set lunch menu and when our food was ready, the portion was really huge and the taste was great. Ham, bell pepper, olives, white mushroomand onion with chopped garlic, tomato, parsleyand red chili pepper. 5- kind sashimi , 6-kind tempura, salad,, sobs and a desert.

Clams and chopped seafood (shrimp, squid, clamand scallop) with white wine, chopped tomato and basil.

Shrimp, squid, broccoli, carrot, onion, bean sprout, cabbage and bonito flake. I ordered cold cafe lait for drink.

The Australian truffle-finished Chawanmushi which followed, had chestnuts which gave it a delightful sweetness, and water chestnuts for crunch.

potato salad, pickles, miso soup, chawan mushi, coffee jelly dan free refill ocha.

$8.99. They dont follow a simple law, which other places in this hotel have abide, i dont what other laws they have broken. These included a pan-seared Amaebi wreathed in pickled fennel, its head deepfried to a crunch, Tandoor oven-baked Leek with Foie Gras, and a cabbage-wrapped Chicken Medallion “lollipop”.

All those were only around 300k idr, inc. bottomless ocha and free coffee jelly in the end of our meal.

Omelette on tomato ketchup based fried rice with akane special demi-glace sauce (brown sauce). Lots of Japanese. ORDER TAKEOUT. Price was reasonable. View the menu for Akane and restaurants in Woodinville, WA. There are many japanese restaurants in Jakarta have better SERVICE!More, How to tell if a Japanese restaurant is a good restaurant ? The matching drink was my favourite of the night, an alchemised liquid of fermented green apple and fat-washed burnt cream.

Loved how it came decked out with girolle mushrooms in a lagoon of warm frothiness. Well, she knows best because I couldn’t get enough of those velvety-soft slices, especially when they were presented on steaming hot, fluffy kombu-cooked rice (imported from Nagano prefecture), and smothered in a superb sweetish, slightly viscous egg dashi sauce. From the three main course options, I picked the Butter Chicken Deluxe, and was suitably delighted by Chef Kurt’s contemporary take on the classic Indian dish showcasing smoked butter and cream, on to which he shaved black truffle. For sure, we will...come back again to Akane! Also love their beef steak and no to mention the coffee jelly.

Sashimi Box. Frankly it is very good value for money. Sushi Connections Restaurant ($$)

It’s pure joy to inhale.

Price was reasonable.

Chopped clam and white and king mushrooms rice pilaf with soy based sauce. Food. on the outside. Crispy grilled pork cheeks, pickled beetroots, chives and chilli aioli on grilled potato buns (made in-house at Burnt Ends Bakery by @tart_tatin and her team) made up the next course. The ambient is nice but family advise to go on weekend only. $9.99.

Ambiance. So pleased that at the end of the night, he decided to purchase a couple of the wines from

We showed up, too bad the ventilation was poor the smokes were hovering the ceiling level. Everything was well cooked, apart from the grilled tofu as it was too hard...on the outside.

We then tore into a warm, crusty sourdough, darting between the four flavoured butters of truffle, sumac spice, bamboo charcoal and unsalted as spreads.
I hope my comment reach to the mgmt of this restaurant and fix this issue.

Whether it's coffee or tea (or me), enjoy a cup of robust coffee, artisanal tea or good ol' bubble tea. With akane special demi-glace sauce (brown sauce)asari kinoko cream spaghetti (chopped clams and white and king mushrooms with cream sauce).

We walked away and moved to different restaurant in this hotel.

White and king mushrooms with tomato sauce, chopped fresh parsley, garlic, red chili pepper and tomato.

One of the constants I look forward to when having the Omakase at Takayama is their Monaka wafer. Olive, chopped garlic, parsley, red chili pepper and olive oil.

Tofu, carrot, onion, bean sprout, cabbage and broccoli. The ambient is nice but family advise to go on weekend only. Bacon and white and king mushrooms with shiso and choice of soy-based or ponzu sauce. The sashimi was very good and the standard of tempura was very high. I could eat a dozen of it!

The only failing given the Low price is that the ingredients for tempura were not the freshest.

We felt they dont care about our request and concern, that we dont smoke. We were instructed by Chef to give everything a vigorous mix before tucking in.

There are some chefs whose food once you’ve tasted, is clear they have a fantastic palate and you just know are capable of even more exciting things. Curated by our editors, featuring great places and the latest food news.

). Hence: 一期一江. Topped with plump Sunset clams (that have been sautéed in white wine, butter and herbs), heirloom tomatoes, cow’s milk mozzarella, sharp Pecorino cheese, crunchy sea asparagus and an Asian-tasting spring onion oil, it is a fragrant, full-on briney-sweet, fusion experience. This place is NOT for family with small children, since most people who come here smoke like a train.

Shrimps and scallops with cream sauce and chopped tomato.

The only failing given the Low price is that the ingredients for tempura were not the freshest. Familiar and much-loved courses followed - the compact but richly-flavoured, uni-crowned chawanmushi, Meta’s signature Irish oysters dressed with a Korean touch and the tuna akami tartare with egg yolk jelly, crispy feuille de brick and a dome of @caviarcolony’s kaluga caviar. 5/28/2016. We asked to be seated away from these smokers but the waiter only allowed us to...sit in the middle of smoking cloud. Shrimps, squids, scallops and chopped clams with saffron cream sauce and chopped tomato.

Neighborhoods: North Los Altos Cuisine: Sushi, Lunch, Cafe.

Our Menu. This slow and steady pace of discovering what he and his team are capable of, has finally led to me declaring that my heart is well and truly won. With akane Japanese cutlet sauce and asari kinoko cream spaghetti (chopped clams and white and king mushrooms with cream sauce).

As reciprocal member from Hollandse club we pay 4% surcharge to dine at Akane of the other family restaurant Donguri. Tho food was excellence ... price is just...about right. The law doesnt allow restaurant to have smoking section mixed with non smoking. This business uses tools provided by Tripadvisor (or one of its official Review Collection Partners) to encourage and collect guest reviews, including this one. I learned from my foodie friends @szeliang888 and @alanloveshisboys that this seasonal fish is also known as “Noresore”. on the outside. Dinner: 5pm - Late Home. You get a set of appetiser, a...5- kind sashimi , 6-kind tempura, salad,, sobs and a desert. salad, california roll,daily special 3pcs nigiri sushi teriyaki chicken or beef.

Clams and white and king mushrooms with tomato sauce and basil. White and king mushrooms with choice of fresh basil or soy based sauce. See restaurant menus, reviews, hours, photos, maps and directions. We ordered the kaiseki Yuri set priced at $92/pax.

Cafe, Sandwiches, Breakfast, Brunch, American - A fantastic beef course showcasing A5 Wagyu poached in a dashi flooded with Japanese leeks, then dressed in a housemade sauce of sesame, vinegar and soya milk, plus a dash of chilli oil.

,More, They gave us complimentary salad - which tasted just okay.

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