In late 2016, Angola lost the last of its correspondent relationships with foreign banks, further exacerbating hard currency problems. Share Pin Email Kostadin Luchansky/ Angola Image Bank/ Getty Images. There has been an incredible variety of ethnic groups, kingdoms and tribes that have lived in this place. Even though Portuguese is the official language and the most spoken language in the country, it is only spoken as a primary or secondary language by 75% of the population. Overtaking. Angola’s economy is highly dependent on its oil sector, as oil production and related activities make up at least 50% of the national GDP. If you decide to visit Angola, you must know the climate. In November to January, Angola has the transitional season with some rains. Angola - Essential facts for visitors, history, economy, government, demographics and media. Right at the end of the 16th century, Portuguese settlers in the Kingdom of Ndongo started to name part of the Portuguese colony as ‘’coast Angola’’. Sea turtles nest along the park's protected coastline. Angola Travel Guide: Essential Facts and Information. Above all, all visitors MUST have proof of yellow fever vaccination in order to enter Angola, even if they aren't traveling from a yellow fever country.

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There are two distinct seasons - a cool, dry season that runs from May to August and a hot, rainy season. However, the infant mortality rate and life expectancy in Angola is very low. It is bordered by several countries. Tunisia. The official name of this country, The country which receives a lot of coverage and becomes the headlines of newspaper in the world can be, The landlocked country located in Southern Africa is explained in Facts about Botswana. The capital city of Angola is Luanda.

Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa, and it has a population of over 29 million people. In addition, if you are about to greet a group of people, you must greet the elder first.

This country gained independence from Portugal in 1975. A fun afct about Angola is that at least 40% of Angolans speak one of the six national Bantu languages. Check the explanation about the country in West Africa in Facts about Benin. In addition to this, Angolans are very young, in fact, most of the population is under 45 years old. Located just south of Luanda, Parque Nacional da Kissama is Angola's most rewarding game-viewing destination. Start the process well in advance of your intended departure. Those are the legislative, executive and judicial.

What is known as modern-day Angola, first originated from the Portuguese colonisation which occurred as early as the 16th century. Cabinda Province, a disputed exclave of Angola, is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo. A fun fact about Angola is that Luanda, the capital city of Angola, is considered the most expensive place on earth for expats and tourists alike. Even though the most common greeting is the handshake, whenever you meet an older person or an individual that has a senior position than yours, you are expected to bow to them, an interesting fact about Angola. The capital of Angola is Luanda, a port city on the northern Atlantic coast. Angola's recent history is marred by civil war, which began immediately after the country gained independence from Portugal in 1975 and only concluded in 2002. Check out Andorra facts here. Many people fled during the civil war, and some of them have returned back home. Read ahead and discover all these amazing facts about Angola. So, the name Angola is a Portuguese name that dates back to the period of colonial rule.

Angola gained its independence from the Portuguese colony in 1975. Jessica Macdonald. For most visitors, the best time to travel is during the May to August dry season when humidity is minimal and the weather is generally cool and pleasant. Facts about Angola talk about a country located in the Southern Africa. Botswana. The three most prominent ethnic groups are the Ovimbundu, the Kimbundu and the Bakongo. The overwhelming majority of Angolans are Christian, with 41.4% identifying as Roman Catholic and 38.1% identifying as Protestant.

This is why many people are now living away from this city, as they simply cannot afford to live there anymore. Many individuals and families from rural Angola go to the capital city in order to obtain an education or health services, thus this also means that those public services are usually collapsing due to lack of proper infrastructure and maintenance. It is Latin phrase, Virtus Unita Fortior. Accounting for 23% of the population, Umbundu is the most widely spoken indigenous language. There has been an incredible variety of ethnic groups, kingdoms and tribes that have lived in this place.

Required fields are marked *. Although wildlife populations were decimated by poaching during the civil war, you're now likely to see reintroduced elephants, zebra and giraffe alongside the critically endangered giant sable antelope. Paleontologists have discovered that the territory of modern Angola has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Era. Officially known as the Republic of Angola, located in south-central Africa, is a west-coast country that is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Namibia to the south, Zambia to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Angola is a member of OPEC, United Nations, Latin Union, African Union, Southern African Development Community and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

This is obviously not the formal rule, but it’s how everyone actually drives and I have never seen anyone been pull over by the police for this.

MORE IN COUNTRIES. Note: Check the latest travel warnings before planning your trip to Angola. For now, most visitors enter Angola via Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (LAD) which is located in Luanda and served by airlines including TAP Air Portugal, Lufthansa, Air France and Emirates. Ratified Country Name - Republic of Angola. A July 2017 estimate published by the CIA World Factbook put the population of Angola at just over 29.3 million people. Angola lived in a civil war for more than 25 years, and it is still trying to face and solve some serious problems, such as poverty, high maternal and child mortality and health issues. Angola has a sub-tropical climate influenced by the cold Benguela current that flows along the coast and the altitude of its interior plateau. It is bordered by several countries. These are: Umbundu, Kikongo, Ngangela, Kimbundu, Chokwe, and Kwanyama. Updated 06/26/19. Malaria prophylactics are necessary throughout the country and you may want to consider hepatitis B, cholera and rabies vaccinations as well. Your email address will not be published. The official language is Portuguese.

There are three branches of government in Angola. Atlantic Ocean can be seen on the west coast and Republic of Congo is to the north. If you are interested, visit the Country Facts Page! Meeting new people in Angola can be trickier than in any other country, as they have specific customs that have been long established.

Angola’s national tree is the Imbondeiro – which is very similar to a Baobab, and it can only be found in this country, an interesting Angola fact. Luanda is known as the ‘’Paris of Africa’’ due to its cultural activities, its sophisticated atmosphere and because it is truly expensive. To the east, you can see Zambia, while to the south, you can spot Namibia. The name derived from the Kingdom of Ndongo, which was an early African state situated in what is now the country of Angola. The country's currency is the Angolan kwanza; use this online converter for the latest exchange rates. Later, a larger territory was included under this name, and by the 19th century, the whole territory was known as Angola. Land Area - 1.25 million square kilometres (481,354 square miles) Official Language - Portuguese.

This is because they are very loyal to the tribes where they come from, even if they live in the middle of the city. Angola Facts 1.

A new gateway, Angola International Airport, is currently under construction and expected to open sometime in 2019.

Capital City - Luanda. Thus the Kings of Ndongo used to hold the title of ‘’Ngola’’. Get other facts about Angola below: The Portuguese colony was seen in the present territory of Angola. But the indigenous languages such as Umbundu, Kimbundu, and Kikongo are spoken too. In 1975 until 2002, the intense civil war occurred in the country. Facts about Angola talk about a country located in the Southern Africa. Angola formally abandoned its currency peg in 2009 but reinstituted it in April 2016 and maintains an overvalued exchange rate. However, it is also true that the country’s economy has suffered from a long time, mainly due to instability and lack of public policies that make sure their economy has been handled in a transparent and efficient way. The capital city of Angola is Luanda. It is called as the 7th largest country in Africa. For those with cash to burn, it's worth a visit for its excellent Portuguese seafood restaurants and the beautiful beaches of Mussulo Island (located just offshore). In February to April, it has rainy season. It's known for its laid-back vibe, picturesque colonial architecture and for the breathtaking beaches that litter the immediate vicinity. The latter runs from September to April in the north and center of the country and from November to March in the south. Mali. Portuguese is the official language of Angola and it is spoken by approximately 71% of the population.

In some areas, women are not supposed to look at the other person’s eyes, and finally, you must take your time to ask about the family and any other relevant matters to the person you are greeting. Are you interested reading facts about Angola?

It's not particularly easy to get to (you'll have to self-drive or hire a taxi from the nearest town, Kalandula), but the sight and sound of Mother Nature in full force makes the effort worthwhile. Visitors country guide. Angola - Essential Facts. This is also the best time for game-viewing in Angola's national parks, because a lack of available water draws wildlife to rivers and waterholes where they are easier to spot. Angola is a large country in Southern Africa, located on the Atlantic coast in between Namibia (to the south) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (to the north).

In addition to ensuring that your routine vaccinations are up-to-date, the CDC recommends that travelers to Angola be vaccinated for hepatitis A and typhoid. With a total land mass of 481,353 square miles/ 1,246,700 square kilometers, Angola is the seventh largest country in Africa. It is true that Angola is very rich in natural resources, such as oil and diamonds.

RELATED FACTS. For comparison, it is slightly less than twice the size of Texas.

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