Often, the trajectories of their lives intersect only at work. Perhaps that is why I have never observed any conflict between the sectors, although this issue is actively discussed in the media. Russian and Armenian are the most widely spoken minority languages in the country. So the closure of the Russian sector is a matter of national security. More than half of Azerbaijani speakers are monolingual. Also, see Farhang e Kamaleddin Teflisi and Ajayeb ol-Makhluqaat by Najibeddin Hamadani[clarification needed], and the books Majmal-ol-Tavarikh wa al-qasas and Iskandar-Nameh e Qadeem for lists of words.).
How can I get on with her?’, Choice of language as mirror of public sentiment, By Clement, Victoria (2005). “In my opinion, the notorious ‘language conflict’ is contrived rather than real. I believe that it is English that will replace all other languages ​​as a language of development and science.”. ‘Without knowing the official language of the country, she would not be able to find a good job in future.
“I am not against the Russian language. On this background, the question is often raised: ‘Why do we even need it?’ Disputes flare up and subside with regularity. So, one can say that in this particular case, the gulf between two sectors, if not gone, has at least had a rope bridge thrown over it. This is normal and happening all over the world, but why give up such a powerful conduit of not only Russian but global culture, like the Russian language?”, Receive updates twice a week on the latest news from the South Caucasus. © JAMnews 2015 - 2019. Language & Culture. I was happy that Marina would be learning from her. Russian and Armenian (only in Nagorno-Karabakh) are also spoken, and each are the mother tongue of around 1.5% of the population respectively.

Mirza Fatali Akhundov), had previously been rejected by the Azeri religious establishment on the grounds that Arabic script, the language of the Koran, was "holy and should not be tampered with"[3] there was some historical basis for the reform which received overwhelming support at the First Turcological Congress in Baku during 1926 where the reform was voted for 101 to 7. In the 1990s, book publishing in Azerbaijan collapsed because of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. “In my family, for example, this was not the case, and I grew up free from all this. Since Soviet times, the Russian language has held a dominant position in Azerbaijan, and society here has been unofficially divided into two: the Azsector and Russian sector. Despite belonging to different linguistic worlds, it turned out that they perfectly understand each other. Even after my aunt answered him in Azerbaijani, he continued to speak Russian. Accordingly, a new generation, already learning in the Latin script, simply could not read books published using Cyrillic, and ten years ago the overwhelming majority of books sold in stores were in Russian. Ilgar Gayibov chose the opposite path. Erkin Qadirli, lawyer and board member of the Republican Alternative Party (ReAL): “Azerbaijan has been an independent state for 28 years. But it did not help. ‘When neighbours learned this, some of them almost accused me of treason’, Sabina complains.

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