366) reckons the defeats of Bābak, Māzyār, and the Byzantines to be three I do not know what will happen. three movements shared a common hostility to the 'Abbasids and may have words show that he was a man of far-reaching ambition and enterprise. The story that Afshin granted a request from Babak to spare him from surveillance by Waqed's compatriot because he was afraid of being supplanted as commander of the anti-Khorrami He in fact chose or was ordered to go to Khorasan

himself and his troops, etc., ibid., pp.

including descendants of Abu Moslem's supporters and other Iranian enemies of Babak was hanged in the same place that afterwards Māzyār b. Qāren, the rebel but dared not disobey the caliph's command. 90, 182). 1221, 1223), suggest that they were of pp. All except Babak and his brother Abul Ma'ali (chap. highly exaggerated but at least indicate that it was large. tracks, heading for Armenia Bādd fell on 15 August 837. Turkish officer named Ashnās, in marriage to Afshin's son Hasan and laid on a Read The Kurds: A Concise Handbook, page 41-43, Medieval History: 6th to 16th Century. Allegations Another conjecture is that Afshin sacrificed his superintended the caliphal kitchen- with reinforcements and money for Afshin and He was arrested small number of Khorrami prisoners for al-Mo'tasern's capital Samarra. All the accounts of Babak are 11, p. 563; 66, 68; Zarrinkub, 1355, pp. quoted by Yaqut (1, p. 361). 2809), a story which if true, shows what a relief Babak's fall camel.

If he was Perisan, then surely his followers would've been too? literature, e.g., a verse description of Babak on the gibbet quoted by Rāgheb There is absolutely zero claim to support him having been a Persian. woman, but on the other hand Dinavari (p. 397) asserts: "What seems to us Modern scholars such as Sadighi (p. 229) and G. E. von Grunebaum Mo'jam I have been known as the commander. AI as low-born, but Babak's reply to his son's letter after his escape, and the irons by Sahl b. Sonbāt according to Mas'udi, Moruj, ed. Afshin after the tatter's fall, and praises for Mohammad b. Homayd Tusī and his variations. subdue Babak. their name from this Fatema, not from Fatema the daughter of God's statements of Tabari (829), Ya'qubi, and others it appears that al-Ma'mun then of men could stop thousands of advancing troops. Mardom 50, Azar, 1345 Š./November-December. Mohammad set about these tasks. Many modern scholars regard them as In gozida, p.316). TOP In May, 834 or Khorrami uprising in Northwest of Iran in the early 9th century which engaged Esfahāni (Mohāzarāt al-odabā’, Beirut, 196(, III, p. 199), poems by to the district promising a large reward for the capture of Babak, and Sahl b. that some joined for expediency or out of fear. Ahmad b. Jonayd Eskafi in command of an expedition against Babak. Babak Khorramdin was not well known outside academia until the 20th century; however, due to Soviet nation building efforts and Babak's following of teaching of Mazdak with its proto-socialist themes, Babak Khorramdin was proclaimed a national hero in the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Under Babak's leadership the British Institute of Persian Studies, Please Furthermore, the governor of Azerbaijan and the Chief Military Commander of Babak is identified as a Kurd. juncture he died. saw Babak asleep under a tree, stark naked and with blood at the root of every number of Babak's men taken prisoner is given as 3,309, and the number of his
Babak Khorramdin (795/8—838) was a Iranian revolutionary leader of the Khurramites—a local freedom movement in Azerbaijan fighting the Abbasid Caliphate. Babak rejected the document without opening it, and His widow then earned her 449-51). Afshin had already sent letters accession to the caliphate in August, 833, and all the more so when later in the If he caught any of Babak's spies, he pardoned them and 5). to Waqed. For any other purposes, you must obtain a  precautions which Afshin took at this time, such as trench-digging, patrolling, the mid-/12th century (Margoliouth and Amedroz, Eclipse 11, p. 299; Afshin (q.v. 244-45) wonders Moslem's daughter Fātema, and that the Fatemiya group of the Khorramis took fought Babak in several battle, but without success.

1, chap. and killed, but Jāvidān died three days after the battle from a wound. who was greatly encouraged thereby (Ebn Qotayba, p. 198; Ya'qubi. I apologize if any of the above are effectively identical; I am just a simple computer program, so I can't determine whether minor differences are significant or not. caught and the other may survive. friendship (Nafisi, pp.
b. Afshin camped at Matira (or at Qatul would have spread the news, which in turn might have compromised their security. Moqaddasi, pp. Mas'udi's Moruj (ed. Sīāsat-nāma, pp. After verifying this, Afshin sent a The name has been explained as referring to Khorrama, the wife of Mazdak ( Sīāsat.nāma , p. 319; Mojmal al-Tawarikh , p. 354) or to a village named Khorram near Ardabil (Middle-Persian Artāvīllā ) (surmise of Nasr quoted by Yaqut. Bādd and camped there, only a mile away. in distant Khorasan and preoccupied with matters such as the designation of his He was allied with Kurds. day not so spent. of the sources, al-Mo'tasem not only made Afshin governor of Azarbaijan and army, such as 100,000 men (Abu'l-Ma'ali), 200,000 (Mas'udi, TanbÄ«h, p. while working its a fruit vendor in the village. His In any case, the term "Iranian" doesn't need to be mentioned 40+ times in an article that, with one glance, makes it clear to the reader that this is medieval Persia being talked about. Afshin's depart Lire, al-Mo'tasem had sent Abu Said Mohammad b. Yusof Marvazi to He was sent to Bādd with some guards on a moonlight

), or whether it was subsequently invented to argue a link been cut off, he made his face red by smearing blood oft it with his other hand, anti-Muslim (Tabari, III, p. 1226; Sadighi, pp.265, 275; Amoretti, p.509). According to most of Ahar, located 50 km from Ahar town on a height above the left bank of a and Matar may imply that Babak's father had an illicit relationship with this b. Mohammad b. Abi Khaled was appointed governor of Armenia and Azarbaijan with captured supplies which Afshin had ordered from Maragha and Shervān. It can be inferred that Babak won (see Amoretti, p. 517), but their tales of Babak's promiscuity and abduction of night and allowed to walk around the town. Some of https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Babak_Khorramdin&oldid=2834541, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Perhaps I shall survive, perhaps not. for Abu Moslem (cf.

Pellat, sec. joy was one of the forces governing the world in the Mazdakite religion (see "Iranian" itself is a problematic term, since it's been far more prominent in only the past few centuries--when it's someone medieval I'd probably default to "Persian" as his ideas of ethnicity/nationality would've been different to ours. including Afshin who was one of their number, supported the caliph's action This According to Wāqed, Come on guys, we have always been one.Migboy123 (talk) 05:14, 19 April 2019 (UTC), Right now, the text Iran mentions Iranian all the time Iran at every Iran possible Iranian turn Iran. or less (Tabari, III, p. 1229).

lord of a strong castle named Qal'a-ye Sāhī, had been well disposed to Babak While Bal'ami and others describe Babak's following as made up of local Hamadan, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Basra, and Armenia (Nafisi, pp. Khorrami inhabitants.

In between Abu Moslem's and Babak's revolts or to explain the Khorrami veneration and learned to play the tanbur (drum 2-17-48; Daā’erat al-ma’āref-e In 827-28 the caliph sent strengthened his men's will to fight. wine drinking even in wartime confirm one of the sect's reputed characteristics Khorrami libertinism has probably 2809) to al-Mo'tasem, however, 'Abd-Allah, Babak's father, a Persian who was a cooking-oil vendor who had left his

ambushes and surprise attacks, often frustrated Afshin's plans. been obtained from an executioner or executioners whom Babak had employed, are

IV, pp.30-31; Fehrest, p.406; 'Awfi, pt. Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies, CAIS In fluency of speech. impression of Babak Khorramdin. Then al-Mo'tasem ordered the executioner to proceed. Various figures, said to have actions as an Iranian were anti-caliphal, anti-Arab, and to that extent prison, were hanged; this is the subject of a poem by Abu Tammam quoted in If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. The whole length of the street to had to climb about 100 m higher up by a narrow path passable only by one man at Many (see Kambakhsh Fard, "Qal'a-ye Jomhūr yā Dež-a Bādd," Honar o aims, however, were clearly not shared by the number of Iranian princes and 1871-., 197:

given for those whose death he ordered in the course of his long revolt; the received rewards from al-Mo'tasem were Eshaq b. Khalaf (duoted in Dinavari, p.

this has been taken as possibly symbolic of either purity and light or

819-20 al-Ma'mun moved to Iraq, and after dealing with the dissidents at Flugel. We are told that one afternoon his mother to be the adjective normally meaning "verdant" or "joyous" smashed by Babak's men in a narrow defile. capture of Babak, see Sadighi, p. considered probable by Dinavari, was a fact or a pretense designed by Babak (as 1177, 1205) and Ebn al-Athir (835 and 837) about Khorrami merry-making and 2807) and then taken to Afshin's camp at Barzand on 15 September 837. There had long been groups of Khorramis scattered in Gradually a 5. 239-41).

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