Those property-owners who wanted to keep possession of their land were not allowed to hire outside their families, and those lands they could not farm passed under community control. Si calcola che vi furono circa 30.000 incarcerati.

[12] In turn, the unions of neighbouring municipalities can group together into a comarcal federation.

Solidaridad Obrera ("Workers' Solidarity") is the journal of the Regional Confederation of Labour of Catalonia.

[23] They prefer linear salary raises to increases that are percentage based, because the former increase equality of salaries.

[9], The decision-making power of the industry and various posts unions resides in the union assembly: decisions are taken by all of the workers of the union in question via a system of direct democracy and consensus. Some of the most important communities in this respect were those of Alcañiz, Calanda, Alcorisa, Valderrobres, Fraga or Alcampel. Ogni sindacato svolge le proprie riunioni in assemblea e prende le decisioni con il metodo della democrazia diretta e del consenso. Die anhaltenden Repressionen beeinträchtigten erheblich die Diskussion und demokratische Willensbildung der Basismitglieder über verschiedene Taktiken und ideologische Vorstellungen. Industry federations are organized by branch of production, not geographically. The congress was also attended by delegates of the National Committee of the CNT.[37]. In the ninth chapter of his book, Orwell commented that "As far as my purely personal preferences went I would have liked to join the Anarchists."[69].

[31], On 1 June, the CNT joined the UGT in declaring a strike of "building workers, mechanics, and lift operators." The flag of the CNT is the traditional flag of anarcho-syndicalism, which joins diagonally the red color of the labour movement and the black color of anarchism, as a negation of nationalism and reaffirmation of internationalism. Periódico CNT is published monthly, under a Creative Commons copyleft license and it is available in printed and online format.

Il biennio nero segnò una tappa di clandestinità forzata che intaccò profondamente le basi dell'anarcosindacalismo spagnolo. Die Delegierten des Kongresses, der im Dezember 1919 in Madrid stattfand, vertraten 705.512 Arbeiter, davon alleine 424.578 aus Katalonien, dem industriellen Zentrum Spaniens. Die 1923 durch einen Militärputsch an die Macht gelangte Regierung des Generals Miguel Primo de Rivera wählte eine Strategie der Spaltung gegenüber den beiden großen spanischen Gewerkschaftsdachverbänden.
Well then, there is no completely fair method for making decisions through voting: The CNT attempts to minimize this problem by a system of limited proportional voting.

The organizations, are known as the sections of the ICL. Si formò dal gruppo catalano Solidaridad Obrera ossia solidarietà operaia, sorto nel 1906. I suoi obiettivi sono il recupero della memoria storica dell'anarchismo e dell'anarcosindacalismo spagnolo e la diffusione delle idee libertarie. L'insieme dei sindacati dello stesso comune costituisce la Federazione Locale e si coordina attraverso il Comitato Locale. In Frankreich tragen zwei Gewerkschaften den Namen Confédération nationale du travail (CNT). Der erste post-franquistische Kongress der CNT im Dezember 1979 in Madrid stand bereits deutlich im Zeichen des Niedergangs zwischen inneren Spannungen und öffentlicher Diskreditierung. Leaders of the CNT attempted to acquire the resignation of the Communists they felt were responsible for the conflict, but to no avail. The meetings of the various committees (local, regional, national) are called plenarias. Durante la guerra arrivò a far parte del governo con vari ministeri e alti incarichi amministrativi.

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