The specific economic reforms included "an ambitious program to privatize several major industries ... the creation of 750,000 new jobs per year, average annual real GDP growth of six percent over the period, reduction in subsidies for basic a wide range of fiscal and structural reforms". Khatami's other brother, Ali Khatami, a businessman with a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn,[20] served as the President's Chief of Staff during President Khatami's second term in office, where he kept an unusually low profile. Khatami replied, "If you are the representative of the nation, then we are the nation's enemy".

Later on Khatami became a University lecturer at Tarbiat Modarres University, where he taught political philosophy. When Khatami was the minister of culture, he believed that cinema was not limited to the mosque and it is necessary to pay attention to entertaining aspects of cinema and not limiting it to religious aspect.[40]. Thus, Khatami had no legal authority over key state institutions such as the armed forces, the police, the army, the revolutionary guards, the state radio and television, and the prisons.

"But", Khatami said, "the Guardian Council kept neither the Supreme Leader's nor its own word [...] and we were faced with a situation in which we had to choose between holding the election or risking huge unrest [...] and so damaging the regime". Khatami supporters have been described as a "coalition of strange bedfellows, including traditional leaders who wanted the state to open up the economy and allow more foreign investment" and "women and younger voters".[24]. Like his father, Khatami rose to prominence in the locality when he became an Ayatollah. 4,586 Followers, 249 Following, 63 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from عِـمٰـادُالـدیـنـ خٰـاتَـمـیـ (@_emad_khatami_4) The rest of the diplomats were taken hostage. Denne siden ble sist redigert 10. okt. As a young man, he studied Islam under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1902–1989, who would become leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran), and in the late 1970s joined the clerical party that supported Khomeini's ideas about Islamic government. Relations with the US remained marred by mutual suspicion and distrust, but during Khatami's two terms, Tehran increasingly made efforts to play a greater role in the Persian Gulf region and beyond. Oktober 1943 in Ardakan) war der fünfte Staatspräsident des Iran.Er wurde am 23. [clarification needed] Also the government encourages people to buy shares in the private companies by providing incentives. The government, for the first time since the 1979 wholesale financial nationalization, authorized the establishment of two private banks and one private insurance company. Khatami's father, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khatami, was a high-ranking cleric and the Khatib (the one who delivers the sermon for Friday prayers) in the city of Yazd in the early years of the Iranian Revolution. Sayyid Mohammad Khatami (Persian: سید محمد خاتمی‎, pronounced [ sejˈjed mohæmˈmæde xɒːtæˈmiː] (listen); born 14 October 1943)[3][4][5][6] served as the fifth President of Iran from 3 August 1997 to 3 August 2005. 1980-ൽ പാർലമെന്റ്റ്‌ അംഗമായ ഖാത്തമി 1982 മുതൽ 1992 വരെ സാംസ്‌കാരിക മന്ത്രിയുമായിരുന്നു. In a 47-page "A Letter for Tomorrow", Khatami said his government had stood for noble principles but had made mistakes and faced obstruction by hardline elements in the clerical establishment.[66]. Khatami himself described the "twin bills" as the key to the progress of reforms in Iran.

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