Core to Fortium’s belief that clients can and should perform the bulk of their AWS-related migration and implementation tasks themselves, Fortium provides seasoned leaders to guide clients through the technical, organizational, and change-related tasks needed to be successfully self-sufficient on the AWS Cloud. When the message is at the broker, a consumer microservice takes all the measurements and stores them to a Cassandra NoSQL database.

Maintaining the necessary compliance depends upon a secure, flexible, and resilient solution. HiveMQ handles the flow of MQTT measurement data from devices to the cloud and pushes commands and settings from the Fortum Spring microservices in the cloud to the devices.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, FORTIUM also operates from offices in Orange County, Minneapolis, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and London, U.K. Brad Callahan | 612-805-8978 | | Any future changes in both Privacy Notice and Terms of Use will be shared with full transparency to users, and a user who does not accept such changes is free to terminate their account at any time. Fortum takes data security and privacy very seriously. Based on the current state of the grid, it can be desirable for a customer to temporarily halt consumption or production.

Each system user, regardless of whether they have access to personal data or not, are also subject to Terms & Conditions which control how the user can use the system. Through HiveMQ, they can set batteries to charge or discharge, turn water heaters on and off, or stop and start the production rate of solar panels. GDPR allows the user to request to have their data extracted so that they can change service provider in a simple way.

Working in tandem with AWS, Fortium helps ensure its clients’ awareness of the possible and the practical with AWS. To provide the service to end-users, Fortum Charge & Drive relies on a number of external systems, provided by so called sub-processors.

Fortum Charge & Drive has implemented a breach management process which ensures that required measures are taken in the unlikely event of a data breach.

To respond to changing market demands in near real-time, Fortum Spring relies on HiveMQ as their core technology platform: Extreme regulation is an inescapable part of doing business in the energy sector.

We view it as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to, and develop trust with, our customers and clients. Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Java, Spring, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka. Energy markets move quickly. Personal data is encrypted and stored in a safe way as to allow efficient handling of data subject requests and decrease risk of breach incidents. System is based on latest authentication technology, allowing safe authentication, registration and log-in.

Growing megawatt-scale virtual battery that utilizes demand response with excellent response time. All personal data now has a clearly defined retention period in the system. Currently, it enlists about twenty developers and offers dedicated round the clock customer service. CDMC now has support for activity logging.

Distribution system operators can use the virtual battery to balance smart electricity networks and reduce power outages. HiveMQ Provides the Reliability that is Crucial for Demand Response The user will be notified of this change of account status.

Sub-processors include all system vendors whose systems are used to provide our service, as well as external parties which may be given access to Fortum Charge & Drive systems. With HiveMQ we have found the messaging platform and the knowledgeable support that we need as we build a smarter, cleaner, and more responsive energy system.” - Juhani Rantaniemi.

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