Try to only think about moving from the elbows instead of the whole arm to engage the triceps! You will only need a pair of … However, if you can’t access a bench, you can do it on a mat on the floor. Whether you are bodybuilding or trying to gain strength, mass, or lose weight, I hope this workout is able to help you reach your fitness goal! You can use the same pair of dumbbells for every exercise. You’re no dumbbell and that’s why you want to make the most out of your weekly fitness routine. Single-Dumbbell Halo. Okay, friends, we have made it to the very last exercise. And these aren’t small muscle groups either. 1 set, 10 reps (in both directions) To do this dumbbell only workout, start by laying on your back with your legs straight up and perpendicular to the floor. Take this classic bodyweight exercise up a notch by bringing in dumbbells. Do each exercise consecutively, resting only once you’ve completed a complete round of the circuit. Squeeze the back muscles and use your abdominals to control the movement up and down. Do 3 to 4 ramping sets of 12 to 15 reps using ascending-pyramid style. Rest: 90-120 seconds between each set. It’s important to have strong shoulders and this popular dumbbell exercise abides. Lunges have to be one of the best exercises for your glute and hamstring muscles when done correctly! Say goodbye to your bad habits and start using the strict form. Keep your core tight the whole time! You can always modify by not adding the weight. The dumbbell only home or gym full body workout focuses on the use of heavy compound lifts, and allows you to maximize muscle gains with minimal equipment. One of the simplest and most common weight exercises is also one of the best. Rest: 90-120 seconds between each set.

Also, getting close to failure is essential for hypertrophy. We DO NOT want this. Now, once you’ve used one or more of these dumbbell training strategies I’ve mentioned, you’re likely to trigger hypertrophy as you push your muscles in the best way. Set your dumbbells into position with your upper arm around 60 degrees from your body. This will increase the level of difficulty as well as metabolic stress. Squeeze the back muscles and use your abdominals to control the movement up and down. These include switching up your rep scheme and increasing the work-to-rest ratio in your dumbbell workouts. Sets: 3 Before you get going on the workout, grab a 10- to 12-pound dumbbell and warm up by doing the following: Already have a account with BodyFit? Build the total-body power you need for everyday life. Start in a side elbow plank.

With dumbbells in each of your hard or one dumbbell held in goblet position, complete 12 to 15 reps per side before switching. The beauty of dumbbells is that they yield tangible results out of simple routines. It might feel tempting, but when you start to rotate the hips, you don’t use your back muscles anymore. Adjustable dumbbells reach maximum weight at around 90 to 100 pounds. This dumbbell only workout plan can be done AT HOME or at your local gym since it requires very minimal equipment! It will be tough and intense but being able to do so will separate you from the mediocre lifters when it comes to dumbbell training.

Let’s cap off your dumbbell workout with this gym staple, which targets the triceps. If you find yourself struggling to maintain the form, feel free to do fewer repetitions or reduce the weight. Assume a wide foot stance and firmly grasp your dumbbells close with a neutral grip. As you come up from the squat, press your dumbbells up to the sky, performing a shoulder press. Another great movement that targets your deltoids, the lateral raise has been a favourite amongst bodybuilders since the dawn of the sport. Push through your heel on the bent-leg side. They are also an optimal external resistance when you perform isolation exercises for certain muscle groups, like your biceps. This topped out weight should be the main source of progressive overload. The hip abductors are also being strengthened as you bring your top knee in for the crunch. Set up by supporting one hand on the bench (or your table or counter, etc.)

As you can see, this combination workout mainly targets the upper-body muscles. If you would like, you can check out some more fitness workout plans down below for more ideas! At the same time, squeeze your shoulder blades while pulling the weight back towards your abs. 4 Tips for Urinary Incontinence, Bye-bye Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Power of Outdoor Workouts, Working Out Together is More Fun ᐅ Try These Partner Workouts, Skip the 30-Day Squat Challenge (Do This Home Workout Instead for Better Results! This is why I LOVE combination exercises.

During the split switch, try to keep your hips as low as possible. Build muscle, gain strength, and get ripped with Andy Speer's ultimate dumbbell circuit workout. of water, juice, or beer at home? If you are a beginner, I suggest you only start with the skull crushers or use one dumbbell. There’s also a good chance of preparing yourself to maximize a full-body dumbbell workout. These adjustable dumbbells are great for beginners. Don't alternate your legs on the reverse lunge. Get a FREE 2 Week Fitness Challenge Here! And definitely make sure to get a solid lockout at the top with your core tight. And who are you to ignore bodybuilders and celebrities? In this at-home workout with dumbbells, we’ll perform seven exercises as a circuit. Even if your goal is to do 10 repetitions per exercise, make sure you can do them correctly. When performing the farmer's carry, your body will naturally want to lean away from the weight, but try to lean into the weight to keep your torso nice and straight. You will experience the advantage of near-failure training for building muscle by simply increasing the reps. Get a fat-burning blitz with this 'M&F’ hardcore, get-lean training program. Rest: 90-120 seconds between each set.

So one rep should look something like this: Chest | Shoulders | Triceps | Abdominals | Serratus Anterior | Lats (Back) | Traps | Rotator Cuff Muscles.

Do one set of each without rest in… While it is a GREAT core exercise, it also works and strengthens the hip flexors! Use your other arm to brace yourself on something. Using dumbbells in your strength workouts has always been a favorite among many, thanks to their great versatility. If you struggle to bend forward without rounding your back, work on your hamstring flexibility. Feel free to substitute this exercise with a regular dumbbell deadlift. Reach down and grasp the weight by its handle. Begin with a gentle knee bend and bend forward at your hips. It's the perfect complement to the Ultimate Full-Body Dumbbell Workout, and will set you up equally to nail your atheltic or physique goals, no matter if you're chasing them in a gym or in your living room. To do this, bring the arm backward while bending the elbow. This exercise is exactly what it says. So for example, doing 8 bicep curls in a row would count as 1 set. Some of the best dumbbells you can now buy for the homefront are the Bowflex Selecttech, York Fitness Cast Iron Spinlock Set, Men's Health Adjustable Dumbbells, and Wolverson Fitness Rubber Hex, to name a few. This equipment offers an equal load to the two sides of your body. Keep your elbow directly in line with the shoulder at a 90-degree angle.
Floor Dumbbell Press Lie down on the floor and bend your knees roughly 45 degrees from the ground while moving your feet up slightly. Avoid injury and keep your form in check

We’re not 100% sure but researchers have a reason to believe that more time under tension increases the chances of your muscles to experience microtrauma. Check out these home bodyweight workouts for different muscle groups! Once you come back to the starting position, lower your legs, and try to keep them as straight as possible to perform a leg raise. Contract your hamstrings and glutes to go back to starting position. During the snatch, keep your core tight and posture solid, even when you start breathing heavily. It’s a good way to start squatting — holding a dumbbell in front of your chest reminds you to keep you upper body straight and shoulders open. Doing these leg workouts with dumbbells only works these 5 big muscle groups.

Just be advised that this one is not for beginners and that improper form can render serious damage. Lift the hips off the ground to be in line with the rest of your body.

The Total-Body Dumbbell Workout Begin with a lunge or stride position with your back foot onto a bench or, if you’re at home, on a chair, couch, or any other object at knee height.

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