Something most people in the online space don’t know about. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your comment! At the bottom of your page/post you will find a “Custom Fields” box. If we follow what you said within this post, our snippets will appear every time? Thank you so much Paula for your words! This has been an extremely helpful and informative post on structured data markup helper, something which I didn’t know existed! I am glad I found your article even if it was by accident. I’m going to change them!

Neil also blogs ... [Read full bio],, email markup in Google’s webmaster article,, What Is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO, Google’s John Mueller on Structured Data, Speed, Disavows, Legacy Penalties & Much More [PODCAST], Structured Data & Relevance: Reading Between the Google Guidelines, How to Seamlessly Collaborate with a Successful Remote SEO Provider, Convert SEO From a Cost Center Into a Measurable Revenue Generator.

In a nutshell, a snippet is the Google preview you see when you search something on Google, that is, those few lines where you can find the link and title of the page Google showed you according to your query. After reading your article I fully understand snippets and as a affiliate marketer in what to pay attention and how to fix it, I can’t thank you enough for this article. Now, I have the URL as part of my data items: I’m going to do the same for “Article Body,” and “Publisher.” I can copy/paste the article body from elsewhere, and then I can simply type in “Search Engine Journal” as the publisher. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. Some Affiliate Marketer sites can appear, frankly a bit “na*f” yours looks professional and serious. In fact, WordPress enables us to see what the results will be when someone gets our post as a result of a search. Then, I discovered that even when you get the premium version and you ask for support, the answer is often “it is not a problem of our software, it’s Google”. Perhaps the issue is that the main site is not WordPress but it does index the Wordpress portion of the site.

I have definitely been one of the frustrated affiliate marketers as a newbie! Can you please update this post using the screenshots? But what if you know neither Java nor microdata, and are even struggling to understand the basics of HTML? I am still a little confused.

Status: 1/28/17

I am working with Word press so I will try this what you say.

Dear Line, Thank you so much for your comment! I’m going to use the URL of a random blog article that I published in the past on Search Engine Journal.

LaptopShop Markup: 11 11 –

Do you need to do this over and over again every time you have published a new article on your website? Fixing structured data errors will seem like a pain if you have hundreds or thousands of pages. Chat with him on Twitter at @alseoblog. . I have seen some movement in my posts an increasing. Google empowers structured data markup helper to assist webmasters to include schema markup to their web pages without any hurdles. Thank you so much for your comment! Structured data markup works on web pages or emails. Let me illustrate how I’ll use this. I was able to follow the step by step instructions in the procedure.

Hi Jerry! If you don’t find a relevant category don’t worry: we can solve it later on.

Google uses Structured Data to help them understand the subject of pages better.

In fact, I just started to learn affiliate marketing and interested in these types of bulletins. The first graphic was meant to show readers how correcting structured data markup would help their website be eligible for special Google features. I didn`t know or understand that before. I was always wondering about how the snippet should be used.

Thanks for the interesting article. And that was the first time I saw the term ‘micro data’… so much to learn! Thanks for this awesome article. It helps crawlers understand the type and identity of certain data points, and then deliver visually differentiated results to users. I didn’t know they were called snippets until reading this .Snippets are something I have always wondered about, in as much as how do people get put there on Google. Thanks, Hey Joel, thank you so much for your comment! This is really helpful thank you. Like the one to the landing page. I have actually noticed that my snippets do not show on google.

Snippets can be divided in rich snippets and featured snippets: Snippet definition makes it easy to understand that snippets are part of that magic world named SEO – or Search Engine Optimization. You can find the detailed information about it on.

By adding a few elements into your existing pages, you can improve the way that search engines find information and present them to online users. NOTE:  Google provides a note about their microdata generation within your HTML. But I believe with crucial information as yours, it will be a game changer. You’ll discover that the results will pay off.


. I have come across this term snippets but haven’t tried going deep.

So, you can optimize them using some techniques and tools. The first graphic was meant to show readers how correcting structured data markup would help their website be eligible for special Google features. I have bookmark your website at my PC to use for reference anytime. Feel free to contact me and I loved your comment, really! If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to make one.

You can find this Structured Data Testing Tool in your Webmaster Tools.

There’s a lot of great info in your article. Finally, I recommend that you use another Google tool to test your data — the Structured Data Testing Tool.

I fill in the metatitle and meta description when I work on my SEO and I thought that was enough, but I can see that with the Google structured data mark up I can do even more. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use plugins, they make life easier, but please do not rely on plugins for your business . This category enables the user to define certain features and specifications that an item has. At first I was getting it clear, I have to take my time and read it the second time to clearly get it. These days i am working on WordPress and there is a need to add structured data sometimes. I believe with what I’ve learnt here I will be able to Increase my Brand Awareness via snippets. Yellow location markers appear in the right scroll bar to alert you to each incidence of added markup. Sorry for giving you such a long answer:) and feel to contact me to share your thoughts or asking whatever you want! :),

Thank you for stopping by, Savita! Being more outstanding (using rich snippets) among a whole page of search results will definitely improve your site’s click-through rate.

Thanks again!

. Since I've updated the theme I'm now getting an error in the Google testing tool regarding breadcrumbs being added to the product type. You got the point! Click “Add Custom Field” and update your page/post.

Although it doesn't necessarily equal to better rankings - it helps in the long run, because online users get a … For a beginner like me, getting to access such a very buoyant and rich information as this is really great to see and thank you. Fixing structured data markup errors allows webmasters to better promote their content on the web.

This is invaluable advice on Google previews, you have helped me to understand “snippets”, in particular how they are a summary of the page, or ought to be. Once you’ve tagged all relevant data, you’re ready to view the HTML — the final major step in the process. You laid it out in step by step language. I’ll definitely save this article so that I can use it as a reference. 2) To answer the second question I will tell you something: if you can do or learn to do something, do not use a plugin.

I will definitely be adding this to my arsenal of web tools.I have tried unsuccessfully to figure out snippets for the past year. edited 2017-02-08T11:33:27-08:00, algomez When you are putting all of these terms into practice, it will help search engines to organize your content more accurately. In this case, the homepage has missing elements like author and title entries. It can be overwhelming, but I am here to share all the things I learnt and what I use to check my website!

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