She promptly moved to embrace the Avatar and asked where she had been. The ambiguities of her identity, as the daughter of a Chinese engineer and his Belgian wife, were always close to the surface. Afterward, she attended a meeting with the world leaders, who let her talk to Kuvira as their representative. She began work as a typist at Peking Union Medical College in 1931, not yet 15 years old. The matriarch asked where Aiwei was, to which Korra and Mako told her of his betrayal of the clan, having allowed the Red Lotus entrance and exit through a secret passageway while lying about Hong Li and destroying any evidence of his presence. A direct opposite of Lin's uptight and blunt personality, Suyin was a more carefree and upbeat individual who acts akin to her mother in both their youths. When he gloated about all of his and Kuvira's accomplishments, Suyin refuted his statements of them "doing good" as them conquering the Earth Kingdom. Suyin and the group ventured to the police airship, from which Lin had not yet disembarked.

She was shocked to learn, however, that Kuvira planned on attacking Republic City two weeks later.[15]. She planned for her and Lin to descend from the dome on metal cables, telling Bolin he would need to disable P'Li's third eye before the siblings dropped in. While the machine was buried under the rubble, she used her metal cables to lower herself and Bolin back to the street, where Korra, Wei, and Wing where awaiting them; they were all shocked, however, to discover that the mecha suit uncovered itself without so much as a scratch.

She watched in surprise when the spirits emerged a few moments later from the spirit portal, followed by Korra and Kuvira. [6], In 1952, she married Leon Comber, a British officer in the Malayan Special Branch,[7] and went with him to Johore, Malaya (present-day Malaysia), where she worked in the Johor Bahru General Hospital and opened a clinic in Johor Bahru and Upper Pickering Street, Singapore. Regathering in her office, she recalled trusting the emissary with her life and thought they were all a family. She was saddened to watch Hiroshi Sato be crushed to death by Kuvira upon completing his mission of cutting a hole in the suit's armor, though took on a hardened expression as she rappelled atop the machine with her metal cables and dove inside the hole together with Lin, Bolin, Mako, and Korra.[17].

CPAFFC Voice of Friendship No. The Avatar speculated that Kuvira was returning to Gaoling, having been livid when Guan refused to surrender to her. The party had only been able to retrieve a brainwashed Asami, who was confined in a platinum pod designed for Kuvira. She lived in Lausanne, Switzerland, for many years until her death. When Wei scored on Wing, Suyin congratulated the former before saying she was proud of both of them.

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