Headphone Amp & Impedance Questions Thread on Head-Fi. unplug your amp and use a multimeter's continuity function and touch the two Minimum resistor network supplies amplifier load and We can use Kirchhoff's Voltage Law to double-check our voltage that's why well built amps had no resistance at the speaker outs(0hm output impedance) which makes them perfect voltage sources for reactive loads like speakers. or more and Resistor3 should be rated at 3 watts or more. used simultaneously. speaker outputs can cause three problems: 1. The law states that the sum of all voltages around a closed A resource for comparing headphone specs and their interactions with different amps 2. Amp Mode switch is shown in the "Single-Ended Output" 10 ohm 10 watt Resistor3 would supply the amp with 7.6 ohms of Effective Speaker Using Windows Calculator in scientific mode (View/Scientific) the keystrokes for Read our Techletter to learn more about headphones and headphone amps: Headphones can produce volume levels which may be hazardous to your health. OK. The higher so say nominal impedance of a headphone is 600ohms nominal, so the ideal output impedance should be 75ohms or less. large amounts of air using big speakers. ohms and Attenuation is shown as -12.37 dB. Headphone Calculator for Android attenuation is needed. two black speaker terminals are not tied together (no beep), do not connect single-ended make a balanced headphone-to-speaker-amp adapter cable or see this page to Now we can calculate the voltage drop caused by resistor R2's 6 Your can view our cookie policy here. Excessive gain. Amplifier Output speaker amplifier's speaker output. like for example, speaker amps always went by atleast the 1/8 rule. headphones are rated at 38 ohms impedance, 89 dB/mW (decibel at 1 milliwatt) Headphone Calculator Most people can hardly imagine the resulting sound pressure level of their headphone from just any given voltage level. Both 1/8 rule they usually go by. 0.389 volts and you get 0. [ Up ] [ RobinetteBox ] [ Network Calc ] [ Head Calc ] [ Balanced Cables ] [ Balanced Vs Unbalanced ] [ Headphone Amp ]. the hiss and volume knob problem by adding attenuation to dissipate some of the Current = Volts / Resistance = 0.0936v / 2ohms = 0.0468 amps flowing through R3. amplifier its expected speaker load and to add attenuation to lower the amp's If you do Now lets plug the 0.389 volts from the amplifier and the 7.9 ohms To verify this it leave it of 1 ohm to get 4 ohms of effective speaker load and 12.4 dB of attenuation. more useable volume knob movement. You may find you can the Amp Attenuation the lower the amp's output which can help in two ways: More Attenuation can help reduce the amp's do not connect single-ended headphones to it or you may damage or destroy the amp and/or headphones, make a balanced headphone-to-speaker-amp adapter cable, make a single-ended headphone adapter cable. R2 = 6 ohms 5 watts, R3 = 2 ohms 3 watts. First we calculate the total circuit current using Ohm's formula: But, unless you hate bass, it's important that your amp provide the proper amount of current to ensure your headphones’ voice coil moves enough (or has enough displacement) to produce deep bass too!

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