I went to see Helios with no preconceived idea of the critics response and fearing the worse but I was pleasantly surprised and had a good thrill thanks to a few decent action scenes and I felt entertained throughout, which I cannot say about Cold War, one of the film makers previous effort. |, April 2, 2016 Primed for explosive B.O. The production value rivals Hollywood films with convincing large scale sets, international location shooting, subtle photo-real CGI, gorgeous cinematography, and rip-roaring action scenes. Being kept nearly poor and had to maintain the U.S. Atomic Bomb Secrets, could not get a Job that might reveal anything like Physics Teacher or Professor, and no money from Patents, not surprised that they sold Secrets to the U.S.S.R. and Chinese. action,

Ironically, whereas the Hong Kong police in “Cold War” aspired to be responsible, transparent and civic-minded, bolstering the city’s reputation as “the safest place in Asia”; here, they’re forced to take orders from Up North, resorting to methods that are anything but by-the-book.

Again, a lousy screenplay with terrible and awkward dialog, the conversation between every two persons or three persons were so awkward and illogical, especially when the guy who played the high ranking official from China tried to deliver his bullshitting national security crap, the guy just turned into an obnoxious moron, the logic of his reasoning about holding the nuclear weaponry in Hong Kong, then got excuse to discuss and negotiate this situation was just absurd and ridiculous, even a low I.Q. In light of Hong Kong’s recent political upheavals, the concept of a “great whatsit” ticking away a la “Kiss Me Deadly” — ready to decimate the city and her core values — is a provocative metaphor, whichever side of the fence viewers find themselves on. Falling in at just short of 2 hours, the story has its ups and downs.

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Sign up here. It's essentially the cops and their associates versus a Japanese bad guy and his gorgeous female assassin. in China and Hong Kong, this blockbuster could sell like uranium in Asian genre ancillary. When sources reveal that Helios and his Middle Eastern buyer, Mr. Big (Mike Leeder), will trade the device in Hong Kong, top South Korean weapons expert Col. Choi Min-ho (Ji Jin-hee, “Perhaps Love,” “The Old Garden”), is dispatched to recover it. Awards | Fresh (2) 119mins.

Juggling a heavy-duty armory and large cast in bustling districts like Jordan or Causeway Bay, the film features clean, controlled action choreography and stuntwork by Chin Ka-lok, though the fighting could do with a bit more grit or pizzazz. this is a very poorly produced film with weak story line and tons of unnecessary scenes. The unexpected plot twist is also a welcome surprise. And I use fun lightly here, since this is a serious matter we are talking about (terrorism and all that).

What I found out is how most Nations just "tolerate" Nuclear Physicists, like those that created the First U.S. Atomic Bombs, as minimal pay and almost kept like prisoners and always suspected of leaking secrets as to why actually they released the secrets of the U.S. Atomic Bombs to the U.S.S.R. and not the so called Jewish Spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Why on earth would you use it for travel photography?!

Only the scenes between Lee and Messenger pull no punches, as the characters pounce on each other with tendon-snapping ferocity.

While the film lacks the strong emotional currents of “The Berlin File” and the zany characters of “Cold Eyes,” Leung and Luk have nevertheless made considerable headway as screenwriters, ditching much of the pretzel-like plotting, bumpy pacing and bewildering character dynamics that plagued “Cold War.”.
Tech credits, courtesy of much of the helming duo’s former crew, are among the finest seen in a recent Hong Kong actioner. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy

drama, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Surround EX, September 20, 2017

You may also feel that the ending is a letdown, but hopefully this all will not take away the fun you can have with this. Copyright © Fandango. As for the the downside, we have a whole review! The writing-directing duo of Longman Leung and Sunny Luk impressively up their game from their major 2012 hit, “Cold War,” orchestrating a stellar pan-Asian cast and making prudent use of an $18 million budget to field a war of arms and ideologies with a teasing cliffhanger ending. Only the scenes between Lee and Messenger pull no punches, as the characters pounce on each other with tendon-snapping ferocity. For all its international star power bravado, Helios makes little effort to develop its characters or fully exploit its cast.

And More Burning Questions, Val Kilmer's Smokin’ 'Entourage' House in Altadena Hits the Market. And More Burning Questions, Val Kilmer's Smokin’ 'Entourage' House in Altadena Hits the Market. Primed for explosive B.O. Helios lives up as a Hong Kong crime thriller.
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