All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords; Advanced Search. Everyone is directed to Holby after St James deals with a major RTA. Susie crashes from an allergic reaction to the medicine, Adam successfully does a surgical airway and then she is transported up to theatre. When Adam awakens from his one night stand he heads to work and finds out that she is the new nurse at the ED. He is cooking meth when he accidentally knocks over the pan, blowing up the house. Guppy hands in his hospital pass saying that he is unfit to practice. Dixie and Snezana bring in a young girl who has been impaled in the neck by a bracket, Harry tells Toby that the two of them will work together on the case. Toby is given the final decision and chooses to deliver the baby in the pub. The team begin to treat her and as she begins to regain consciousness she warns the team that it was Lewis and they seal off the hospital.
Alice then confronts Adam about how the press found the information to which he confesses to but Tess covers for him. Unbeknownst to her her ex-boyfriend, Steve, is in the grandmothers house trying to see their son. He declines and says he has a son to look after but it is the best invitation he has ever had. She goes home to write in her diary. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. It transpires that his daughter, Susie, was in the boot of the van and was seriously injured in the accident. Dixie warns him that they will be having words after the shift. For revenge on Adam's prank Kelsey goes to let down his tyres, she assumes he has the fanciest car, it turns out that instead of his she has flattened Marilyn's. It then transpires that the husband is not only abusing the mother but also the daughter.

Josh has severe flashbacks between this stabbing and his own which makes it difficult for him to work or concentrate. Adam's patient is threatened by a large man and when Adam tries to intervene, in order to keep his patient safe, he is head butted and receives a broken nose. Her patient then begins to spasm while Lewis takes her up to theatre. While treating her he begins to succumb to the smoke and he is then saved by the fire brigade. Meanwhile while driving to the music studio a man spills his coffee over his legs while driving causing him to crash his car. Adam and Zoe share a kiss outside the pub where they decide that they are not compatible and to forgot about the incident. Series chronology The department is understaffed on a busy Friday night, Ruth is determined to help out but Charlie firmly puts her back in her place.

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