These footings will also contain a mixture of fiber and/or rubber. In some instances, if the size of the rubber is too large, it will come to the surface of the arena. The most important choice you can make when designing your arena is the type of surface you will be riding on. Every fall we add new gravel and that gets us through the rainy season.

Sieve Analysis – Chemistry of Sand – Shape of Sand – Dirt – Rubber – Wood – What Can Be Added to Sand – Trucking – Correct Footing for Type of Riding – Commercial vs.

2 sand, the kind used on baseball diamonds, and bagged pine shavings to a total depth of no more than two inches. The higher the density of compaction of the footing, the higher is the shear resistance, making it more difficult for the toe to dig in.

Softer minerals are more easily broken down and breakdown of your sand means DUST. With diligent studied maintenance these sands can be handled to provide a tailored riding surface that fits your riding preference.

Dressage or flatwork and even barrel racing is recommended to have 2-3 inches of footing. This begins when the heel leaves the ground and starts rotating over the toe of the hoof, which is still in contact with the ground. The footing must provide this traction while absorbing the impact loads during the exercise.

How to assess your senior horse’s quality of life and know when it’s time to let go. A private barn does not need to worry as much about this. Minerals come in all shades and the quality cannot be assessed at a glance from afar. Thank you. On a hard surface, the hoof remains flat on the ground until heel liftoff. While the method doesn’t use an equine limb, it applies the same force and movement to the footing every time to allow for standardized verifications, he says. Colors are made from virgin rubber.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The type of footing on which a horse performs strongly influences whether the animal has a long and productive career, or whether it has that career cut short because of unsoundness or injury. Before starting a project or adding material, one should find out what is already there by having the footing evaluated by a soil testing laboratory. The shredded shoes, he reported, were rejects from Nike and not worn-out shoes. Longevity really depends on what the footing is made up of and how much activity is on it. What if you head off to a show and find footing in the arena inadequate? Though a dirt surface can be maintained, it tends to be more maintenance intensive and weather dependent footing than other options.

Type a search term or product item number. Rubber products and fibers are often used in this footing to give it the characteristics that it needs. “So in addition to keeping their minds fresh, alternating the workplace makes horses stronger and improves the health of their ligaments and feet.”. Footing also influences how well the horse performs. 30                     0.0234, 0.500 mm             No. The coated grains of sand compress when a horse’s foot makes impact, providing both resiliency and proper shear resistance. Premier Equestrian offers a wide array of services to meet your needs. 35                     0.0197, 0.420 mm             No. For example, they noted a distinct difference in the foot-surface interaction between the leading and trailing forelimbs during canter and jumping. The magnitude of the peak vertical force determines the amount of fetlock joint extension. Get started today by signing up for a free consultation. The important thing is that first consideration be given to the horse. They have been rehabilitated, retrained and…, Horse breeding from planning through foal care, Horse-health-problem risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Design and maintain a healthy horse operation, Prevention and treatment for problems of the equine foot, How to care for the basic health needs of horses, Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of leg lameness, Proper feeding practices for foals, adult horses, and older horses, All aspects of caring for performance horses, News and issues for equine health professionals, Discussions about the welfare of our equine friends, Piavita Enables Better Remote Monitoring for Equine Vets During Pandemic with New iOS App Release. It needs to be able to take this much activity and not break be broken down. These should be your main focus when looking for quality sand.

The majority of injuries to the locomotor system occur not as a result of a single catastrophic incident, but as a consequence of the cumulative damage that occurs from the many strides taken during training and competition. Coco-nut fibers have great strength.

These “manmade” sands will also have a tendency to pack more and create more need for maintenance.

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