Lara Marie Schoenhals is an old friend and fellow elite podcaster. He hosts their Sirius Radio show, does music supervision for shows like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, and is an avid runner. Whitney Port is most known for her role on MTV’s The Hills & The City, she has her own podcast With Whit, and has been living rent-free in Jason’s heart for over a decade. It may be too late, our time is done, Baby Jason was off the grid for this episode, but checks in for a Sedona mushroom scene report.
We chat about WAP, a deep-dive into writing Sweatpants Forever, The Hills and her night out with Brody and Spencer at Mr Chow, and zooming with Anna Wintour. We chat about growing up in the south, his musical influences, skating, Tik Tok haters, some YouTube impressions, and the bittersweet experience releasing his first special right before covid hit. We discuss our artwork change and progress towards becoming a legitimate podcast, some political correctness, the SNL from home episode, the future of content, boomerangs, and some stories from both of our early careers as club thots., Matthew Schneier is the features writer at New York Magazine and The Cut, formerly The New York Times., Jason is up at the lake house and Chris is still running around around Canada thinking about cinnamon rolls., Sam Hockley-Smith is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. He was the creative director at Supreme for many years before founding his brand, Noah. Support this podcast: We chat about Jason’s substack, unmasking Banksy, the failing Art Basel fair, Bad Basquiats, the glory days of New York nightlife, and we run down some of our least favorite successful artists. We chat about thermometer lasers, quar in Virginia, recording a record completely by yourself, dressing as a tall man, how to navigate movie and commercial syncs, teaching his kids the 1st grade, and more. We chat about cococinos, AOC playing video games, Boulder scene report, living in Germany, McDonald's, Walmart, gatekeepers, patronage, Tom’s new internet programme, and some new music that we’re listening to., Flynn McGarry is our young chef friend from New York., This week Chris and Jason chat about our spreader date at Hollywood hotspot Delilah featuring a breakdown of their clientele, menu, and user journey. She’s a great writer, down to clown, and the host of S.U.P.

He’s currently freelance, and living in New York., Michael Williams is the Founder of A Continuous Lean, a seminal men's style blog turned newsletter.

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