Madhya Pradesh, mechanic which doesn’t know to read or write was fascinated by welding his car with acetylene gas. How to Make a Car That Runs on Water?

The car prototype has not been shown ever since, nor showed to anybody how to make a car that runs on water.

This discovery had already been made many years ago by a scientist called Nikola Tesla, who discovered that Brown Gas could be extracted from water to run a car. Click Here to Download Step-By-Step Guides [] that teach you how to modify your car at [] now! Plus, the conversion is entirely reversible. It is actually acetylene powered car but local press has big headlines telling people that this guy’s engine was using only water to propel his car. Change ), Automotive WeatherTech Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Toyota 4Runner, Black, Vehicle Alignment By Dimension For Amplified Freeway Visitors Flows, Automotive WeatherTech Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Nissan Maxima (Black), California Emission Criteria Executed In Canada, Automotive – WeatherTech Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Nissan Maxima, Tan. However, it has never been fully developed because of political issues in the oil industry. This is done through a process of electrolysis. Make Your Car or truck Run on H2o – The Quick Way of Running Your Car Applying H2o The thought of earning a car operate on h2o is really baffling. And the most fuel efficient cars on the market - the hybrids - are so expensive they don't fit the budgets of the average family, especially in current economic conditions.What can a car owner do to keep his or her costs reasonable? © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, How to Find the Best Used Car in Your Area. Have you heard of car that runs on water? How does the strategy of generating a motor vehicle operates on h2o operates?

His power supply was using a resonator to create rapidly pulsed high voltage.

How To Build A Car That Runs On Water - Is Water 4 Gas True? Some of these claims seem be be actually working and promise to be the real deal. It is a heck of a concept considering you save money on gas, save the environment, save your vehicle, and it can be done for around $400. When fossil fuels are used by the internal combustion engine, they emit dangerous chemicals into the air. Cheap Auto Insurance. A Church Bus Is The Solution to All Parking Woes of The Church, A Shuttle Bus for Sale Purchased and Disposed in 15 Steps, Car Insurance - What Rating Factors Are Most Important, Car Insurance and the Importance of the Proposal Form. A gas station in San Francisco shows a cost of more than $4 per gallon for regular gas on May 5, 2008. Make Your Car or truck Run on H2o – The Quick Way of Running Your Car Applying H2o The thought of earning a car operate on h2o is really baffling. Various Facts About Cars You Didnt Know it, Five Economic Ways To Save Gas For Your Vehicle, Lutz Says Fuel Economy Killed Some Gm Concept Cars, Saab Biopower 100 Debuted at Geneva Motor Show, General Motors to Produce Hybrid Silverado and Sierra, Top Seven Tips to Save Money at the Fuel Pump, Honda to Produce Fuel Cell Vehicles for Consumers Next Year, How Often Should I Replace the Shocks and Struts, How Can You Remove a Dent From a Motorcycle Tank. Over the last 50 years lots of people tried to understand how to make a car that runs on water. How To Decide on The Proper Automobile Cover That Will Not Destruction Your Auto Not anyone is blessed plenty of to have a garage to hold their car or truck in and even if you do you might be like me and have far too a lot junk to be in a position to park your car or truck there. If you do not already know, Fox News recently broadcasted a video that showed how a man was able to convert his car to run on water.

Have You Watched The Video Of The American Who Ran His Car On Water?

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