It works with the AmpliTube UA app for Android. It has little to no lag time too. How can I use it with my iPad Pro 2018, since it only has an USB type C connection?

Thank you! So Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo, as seen on the chart below. Close.

So recently my practice time has been limited to the wee hours of the night and I'm looking for an interface to plug into either my laptop or ipad/iphone etc. This is the one I use exactly for this. EN PL. Only thing is you have to monitor (into an amp or headphones) directly on the pedal.

Among the variety of choices, the Vox Amplug 2 and the Irig HD 2 are two of the better headphone amps.

I’ve got an advanced copy to play with, and this thing works amazingly well in a variety of contexts.

It’s also is a real winner when used with iOS devices. It would be a simple plug in and play practice option.
The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. It has the same features as the iRig Pro, but with two inputs. It can connect into a guitar amp, or mixing board. For more information, visit the iRig HD2 page at IK Multimedia. Muitos comentários nos video sobre o timbre do celular dizendo que eles são iguais me levou a gravar esse vídeo.

On another hand, the iRig 2 HD is almost three times more expensive than iRig 2. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. My wife bought me a new iPhone 7 which doesn't have a headphone jack, and I heard users would need to buy some sort of lightning converter for the older iRig models. It sounds a lot better.

***▶ Curso de Guitarra por WhatsApp →▶ Curso Master Blaster Modos gregos e Pentatônicas:▶ Curso de Guitarra Gratuito: www.comoimprovisar.comQuer anunciar sua empresa ou produto?▶institutoalabama@gmail.comRedes Sociais▶ Facebook:▶ Instagram:▶ Site:▶ Grupo:ção▶ Mauricio AlabamaContato Profissional▶ And to top things off, IK Multimedia has thoughtfully included a velcro strap to attach it to a mic stand.

Thanks for your time.

The iRig Pro Duo is a great tool to have. For a hundred bucks, I think IK Multimedia has a real winner on its hands. EN.

This lets you bring in two different sources without having a dedicated audio mixing board. Or do I have to purchase the cable separately?

The iRig 2 is acouple of times more expensive than the original, but even so, it’s stillpretty affordable. I even got one for my boss Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, it’s his new favorite hotel room practice solution with his iPad mini.

Comes with all adapters too. Not only does it come with an unlocked version of Amplitube (for guitar amp and effects processing), it also comes with a cable to connect directly to the lightening port on an iPhone (or iPad), and so is completely iPhone 7 ready. Irig HD sounds much better but it cost twice as much.

But the real feature that, IMHO, puts this thing in a class of it’s own is the addition of a quarter inch output connector.

E ai? I plugged the supplied USB cable into my Mac and Logic recognized it … Discuss them all here. Can be used live with 3 banks of 3 presets.
Is this going to work? 1.26 in. IK Multimedia iRig HD. #3. so I can practice quietly and maybe do some recording as well.

It works. I think this makes for a great addition to any electric guitarists tool kit, for less than the price you’d pay for a new pedal! IK Multimedia iRig HD vs IK Multimedia iRig Pro. The iRig HD 2 difference Do a quick study of the guitar interfaces out there and immediately you’ll see what we mean by a “higher level”. I will do a proper research on this one. Join the Mobile Music Revolution — IK Multimedia gives you the most complete range of iOS music accessories and apps. Hello there, I’m a bass player with almost no budget to buy some analog pedals, but I got an iPad Pro that my wife gave me almost a year ago. Question: Does it comes with an USB type C to type C connector for the iPad Pro?

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