After spending three months traveling around the beautiful island of Sri Lanka (and loving every minute! ), the one experience that we’ll never forget is hiking Adam’s Peak. Expect bathtub-warm turquoise water and pink-hued sand at this crescent-shaped beauty. This beautiful camping destination is one of the highlights of the USA, but visiting Havasu Falls is not without its challenges. The hike fuses the best landscape together in a single epic 8-hour hike. Oz has some of the most beautiful places in the world. Sleepy gondolas meandering their way through the shimmering turquoise waters of the ancient Italian city’s 150 canals on are just one of Venice’s gold stars. If comfort is more your thing, there are several luxury hotels, some with stunning views and even the option of horseback riding. But if people have heard of one place in the country, that place is probably the Gobi Desert. This way, if you run out of time, you made sure not to miss the most important places.

Its awe-inspiring nature is unlike that of anywhere else. One of the most beautiful places in the world is the Old Silk Route. Antique (locally pronounced as an-ti-ke) is a beautiful province nestled in an off-the-beaten area in Panay Island, Philippines.

Sardinia  offers so much more than its spectactular beaches for which is so famous all over the world. Crisp crocuses and fragrant hyacinths form the prelude for the quintessentially Dutch tulip. Founded in 1471 the small town has been under a variety of rules and occupations from French and Spanish to Arabic. Yet despite the millions of tourists that visit each year, you can still find quiet, solitary corners of this spectacular country to explore. The wavy formations within are ethereal and will have you humbled at the fact that this geological curiosity was all carved from rainwater. As the sky transitions from a bright golden color to shades of purple and red, it’s hard to think of a more serene setting. Because of its stretch across the Sulu and South China seas, it boasts a huge variety of nature from steep limestone cliffs to jawdropping coves and unbelievable beaches. Siquijor Island was not only my #1 favorite place in all of my travels; it was also one of the most beautiful places, too! It’s a 9-hour drive from the capital, Dili (it took me 2 days in public transportation), on terrible roads, to reach Valu Beach.

Home to the Great Migration, Serengeti’s endless plains and raw African backcountry, it belongs on every bucket list out there. It also is surrounded by incredible wildlife. To get a bird's-eye view of this unforgettable scene, stake out a prime spot in a rooftop bar in one of HK's high-rise hotels. One of the most popular sections is the 80-mile stretch that starts out in the bohemian city of Asheville and passes the parkway's highest peaks, including Mount Pisgah and Balsam Knob, before ending in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The beauty, history, and culture will blow you away! The locals’ hospitality is well known and you’ll find them waiting for you  with a glass of wine and some traditional cheese to give you a taste of our beautiful land! A flight of stairs leads the way up to the rim of the crater.

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