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The PBIS Rewards Parent App is a great tool for you to stay connected and engaged with the PBIS initiative. A positive behavior support policy incorporates the demonstration and teaching of positive, proactive social behaviors throughout the school environment. 22 0 obj endobj Page 2 Classroom Intervention Plan The Classroom Intervention Plan is a template to be completed by all classroom teachers to assess their level of classroom interventions in place within the PBIS … PDF.

<> Overview of PBIS School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a framework with the aim of improving student academic and social outcomes by implementing behavior systems with fidelity. 4 0 obj endobj

All licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable. x����o� ���?��dWKQ�EJ��ԭ�z�v��XkLj�N����n�t�����x���m�P��R�8�%T��:�&�'Цɇ� �划eK���d���6U�rO��$M�� �b�p�UP�0�r��n�yo���J�8�Kd9e �J��ʛF���* G�+",�/�b(�P������r�����&�e�� 21 0 obj In accordance with PBIS universal guidelines, the PBIS expectations at Granville Junior Senior High School are designed to (1) provide a clear understanding of expected student behavior, (2) be few in …

<> <> Implementing PBIS with all systemic components and a range of interventions (Tier I, II, and III supports) beyond 1 year and demonstrating routine annual reviews for implementation with fidelity using the …

endobj SW-PBIS …

<> 6 0 obj PBIS is a school-wide framework for preventing, reducing, and replacing problem behav- iors. Give the information and tools needed to feel confident both programs can work hand in hand.

<> <> •A PBIS team made up of school staff (ie. endobj ��vD�� 0$�H���_o�1�96���z�]�����d#�(����+�1�/�pn�-�ݴ�g����Qֆcy��ĥ�3�������o-�΍F��U���6��� 15 0 obj

x���Mk�@����9Jog?����@�S>9�Y�lɑ���w�!�86!�1;��μ�S� CD.P��&M�ϠK�oWw�#�1�9���ɵ�a�z G��\_���M�p�*n�P@��RH� hL��=��� W5��ˊX~IP��QP-BkRe��W�0e�Zc%+戕۫4y��[7An3?B�՟4�Y�L|�O(δ�������S�Ha�x��HE��`8"�$JV�g��*H}G��0�m߯��q�Ih�t����u��kg�|7ѳ��d6���'��9%��E�D����nALDW���M ���}�&/��aܶ�n)�0RE�w�����@�v�7t�,�>���gl��3.k� Participants will discover practical and effective ways to implement PBIS in a LIM school. 12 0 obj <> [ 17 0 R] endobj It has been implemented in thousands of schools across the nation. endobj

_�j��� �'��o����+D�ӌ�W����������{�i�7x��6���gg��ެ��}���rS�rq2�M��|��fak_mN:���x�^� Parents are important in the success of SW-PBIS, and many choose to use a similar system at home. A positive behavior support system is a data based effort that concentrates on adjusting the system that supports the student. <> stream

��eD���y�2��Ah��{zui��Σ��7��)_zQ#�/\�]w?9�qQ���j�.�������4�[~����h� �z Gw/�~��e׆�2~~�MW�7a k�ua�rQD�Л���&W�4�]ٕw���4�4����C&65x��\�pLȠ?r��+�����T�z[�����`�b���x�'L����l��V�/�АkH"���&��r�r ~���;�. 19 0 obj The PPS School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports team thanks the thousands of schools and districts around the nation that have contributed to the vast array of materials which support implementation of School-wide Intensive PBIS.


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