One way to get “more” is boosting your site’s traffic. Also alles, was eine Webseite ausbremst , OceanWP: schnelles und kostenloses WordPress Theme. Zu den wichtigsten Features gehören: Swift bietet sehr viele tolle und innovative Funktionen, die sonst keines der vorgestellten Plugins bietet. Whereas the other two WordPress plugins are one-time fees, Nelio A/B Testing adopts monthly SaaS-style pricing that’s more in line with VWO and Leadpages/Instapage.

Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. You can also subscribe without commenting. Usersnap Classic is probably one of the best WordPress plugins for bug tracking. Top 9 Software Testing WordPress Plugins for Developers and Testers, “50,000 WordPress websites are being launched daily”, WordPress 4.9 alone been downloaded 20 million, Developer For WordPress websites, the most common causes of page loading slow-downs are: Below we’ll show you how to fix these common issues. Measures the results of your tests and shows you which variant is the most popular choice. All Rights Reserved. We are stress testing the system, and if you are the only user in the backend, you will probably only notice a few milliseconds of performance loss, but at the same time, you will see that plugins do have an impact on performances even if we are testing an agnostic page (the WP dashboard). I tested the two edge scenarios, all plugins active versus no plugin active, and the difference in seconds was huge: 0.304 compared to 12.895, a difference of more than 12 seconds! on Load testing WordPress plugins performances, Test WooCommerce checkout regularly and stay safe, The exciting career of a WordPress developer, Jetpack by (19 modules active). 4.- And there’s no magic bullet plugin to achieve this goal. Wie der Test zeigt, liefern auch die kostenfreien Plugins sehr gute Speed Werte.

Am schnellsten und effektivsten kannst du deine Seite mit Caching Tools beschleunigen. Sucuri. generated using FakerPress, a plugin that loads dummy data in WordPress. Easy Dashboard.

Rather than trying to recommend a blanket tool for all situations, I’m going to run through some scenarios and recommend tools based on those situations. In fact, I bet that you already know how important A/B testing is. Again, I’m going to focus specifically on Instapage’s A/B testing functionality in this section, but you can learn more about all of Instapage’s other features in my Instapage review. Great post, but you forgot an amazing tool: Any chance you find the time to give it a try and to send me your feedback?

I really liked the article. As if that were not enough, the plugin also allows you to create multiple sandboxes in case you want to test different iterations of your website. The user interface is easy to grasp and understand. Before installing a new plugin, a question you should ask yourself is: Do I really need all the functionalities the plugin brings into my site, and how significant is the impact on my site’s performances? Apart from that, the plugin also helps you to communicate in a fair manner with almost everyone working on a given project. PageSpeed Insights is a brainchild of Google. However, after running a second test with all the plugin active, I realized the outcome would not be so much different for one reason: the cache. Since WordPress sites have to make regular database requests, a caching plugin reduces these requests by generating a static HTML page to display instead. Du möchtest eine superschnelle Seite haben und bist auch bereit etwas Geld zu investieren? Have a great day. Site not affiliated with Automattic Inc. Join over 50k people who receive our weekly WordPress related newsletter.

Once you have a clear idea of how your site is performing, you can begin to improve it. 2MB leichter, aber noch nicht wirklich schnell. My site has a rather large MySQL database and the site has been SOOOOO SLOOOOOW for a very long time.

Zudem verträgt es sich mit sämtlichen Themes und Plugins sehr gut und die Einrichtung ist auch für Anfänger einfach.Weitere Einstellungen bietet die Premium-Version des Plugins. Somit ist es das schnellste kostenlose WordPress Caching Plugin. Getestet habe ich bisher nur die kostenlose Version. But maybe you think it’s too complicated to set up on your own website.

A minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles (no admin menu clutter). Wie bei jeder Page-Speed Optimierung sollte man vor dem Einsatz von Plugins erst mal Ballast abwerfen. By far and away the best performance plugin we used in developing Tackle Village was NitroPack for WordPress. D.h. es sind eher Performance Plugins, da sie nicht nur auf Caching beschränkt sind. Prior to WP-CLI, setting up PHPUnit testing for WordPress plugins was a pain. Hey! Für diesen Speed Vergleich habe ich zunächst 4 kostenlose und anschließend noch 2 Premium Plugins getestet. It just means that if you’re not at least familiar with basic coding principles, you might want to go with some of the more beginner-friendly tools on this list. You may also test other basic functionality like contact forms, for instance, and make sure that your website works well. Quiz Maker – WordPress Quiz Plugin This Quiz maker plugin is the most powerful and the easiest to make a quiz and test in a short period of time. When it comes to WordPress performance, a lot of players are involved and they all need to play together nicely to produce a robust and fast loading website. Price: Starts at $127 for a bundle with Thrive Architect. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) became everybody’s favorite plugin for a while. Having tested the plugin before, I’d agree with them on that front – it’s definitely the most flexible WordPress-specific A/B testing platform. Man muss sich zwar durch sehr viele Einstellungen durchkämpfen, erzielt aber sehr gute Ergebnisse. Swift Performance ist ein noch recht unbekanntes Premium Caching Plugin, das mit WP Rocket sehr gut mithalten kann. Testing your website before handing it over to the users is no longer optional.

That means you can test: Of course, Nelio A/B Testing can test your content, as well. But I strongly believe that we need to check website performance across all devices not just on single device because users come from different variety of devices i.e desktop, laptop,tabs and mobiles. Once you get those snippets in place, you can start running A/B tests for any content on your WordPress site just by pasting in a URL. Shared hosting can still cover all your site’s needs; you just have to do your research first. Do it via email or even the TrackDuck interface if you feel like. But on the cons side, Instapage’s A/B testing: If those cons don’t dissuade you, your decision is probably going to be between Leadpages and Instapage’s other features, because the A/B testing functionality is pretty similar.

Everyone who read our most popular blog post, WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks may have noticed a new test this year (2015) called WPPerformanceTester. PHPUnit is the de facto testing tool for PHP, whereas WP-CLI is the official command line interface for WordPress. Jein. There’s just one big thing to consider here: Whereas Google Optimize will work with any of your content, Thrive Optimize only works with WordPress pages…and it works best with pages that you’re already using Thrive Architect on*. The tradeoff for access to all of those advanced features is pricing.

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Copyright © 2012-2020 Blogging Wizard. Auch hier gibt es Support und inzwischen auch eine Online-Doku. Pingdom is a free tool that gives you full-site performance information including load time, page size, as well as a detailed analysis of each page on your website.

Mir persönlich ist die Aufmachung zu überfrachtet, aber das ist sicherlich Geschmacksache. WordPress Caching Plugins im Vergleich. Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. Die Seite ist jetzt zwar um ca. WordFence And because it’s a native WordPress plugin, you can set up your tests and view your data from inside your WordPress dashboard, rather than needing to use a separate interface like many of the other solutions. After struggling on a WP site for 2 days, I was able to reduce its response time from 17.7 secs to 1.6 secs and serving the same content in terms of UX. Wie gut ist deine interne WordPress Suche? I’d like to note that for Jetpack each module often does what a full plugin would do someplace else, that’s a big part of what makes it ultimately more efficient than using individual plugins to accomplish the same tasks. I conducted all the tests using, a simple, reliable and free tool! If you want your site to remain fast then you’ll need to maintain it on a regular basis.

After all, there is a reason behind it ruling the CMS market with 60 percent market share. Any remote network calls could throw this off a ton, curious if you can do any logging there.

Think of it kind of like Google Analytics, but for A/B testing. You should definitely pick Thrive Optimize over the other tools. I see your point. It wasn't hugely meaningful because I had no real basis to … the sheer number of experiments below): Despite that, I think the actual user interface is still fairly simple and should be accessible to most WordPress users. Das Plugin macht die Seite so richtig schnell und du musst dich nicht lange mit den richtigen Einstellungen befassen. As part of its landing page builder, Leadpages includes an easy A/B testing tool.

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