David Kahn; Nick Belo; Edward M. Rice; Samuel B. In 1977 they began publishing new Phantom Lady stories starting with Bizarre Thrills #1, which featured their version of the character on the cover. Panel from Quality Comics’ Police Comics, depicting Phantom Lady’s black ray gun (Photo credit: Wikipedia). She was originally owned by Quality Comics until they were bought out by DC. It is not known if Sandra still retained her phasing or invisibility powers by the time of her retirement. Phantom Lady’s alter ego was known as Sandra Knight, daughter of U.S. She underwent rigorous combat training and honed her stealth, espionage, and detective skills to an impressive degree. Phantom Lady's journey across the dimensions gave her the power to phase through solid objects as well as the power to become invisible. For the current New 52 Phantom Lady (active from 2012 - ), see: Jennifer Knight.

She was engaged to a government agent named Donald Borden, who sometimes assisted in her crime-fighting exploits. I. W. Publications also published unauthorized reprints of her Fox era stories from 1958 until 1964. The Cobweb wore a revealing costume similar to that of the Matt Baker era Phantom Lady, though with a purple and black color scheme and stockings complete with garters. Sandra became a member of the prestigious Knight family of Opal City, and her cousin Ted Knight would become the superhero known as Starman. That’s a torrid tale that has taken many twists over the decades. She is, however, a skilled fighter and uses a blacklight ray (like the Owl) to project darkness and make herself invisible. Sandra Knight Senator Henry Knight, and she was truly devoted to his cause. When Iger Studios stopped producing art for Quality Comics, Iger took the character to Fox Feature Syndicate under the assumption he owned the rights. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Your email address will not be published. Phantom Lady became a recurring character in their publications, starring in stories that were even more provocative than her Fox Feature era exploits. Usually, it was a black or white domino mask. In one issue she wore a yellow face mask to hide her identity, but otherwise she went completely maskless. The female Freedom Figh ter Phantom Lady and her diminutive partner-in-crime-fighting Doll Man make their New 52 debut! In 1981, Phantom Lady began appearing in DC’s All-Star Squadron. Not by Overstreet Price Guide value mind you, but by what I paid. She was the creation of Arthur Peddy for the Eisner & Iger studio, a vendor of ready to print artwork for the exploding comic book industry.

Welcome to Food or Comics?, where every week we talk about what comics we’d buy at our local comic shop based on certain spending limits — $15 and $30 — as well as what we’d get if we had extra money ... Co-writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti announce their latest DC Comics miniseries, "Human Bomb," and speak with CBR News about bringing the Freedom Fighters into the New 52. Phantom Lady stories published by all three companies were reprinted during the 1960s and '70s by Star Comics and I.W. But she was unable to fully explore her new powers due to being turned into silver by the Silver Ghost. As a Freedom Fighter, Phantom Lady fought the Nazis during World War II. Also in the tradition of Matt Baker's Phantom Lady, she was depicted bound, gagged, and threatened by a villain. With concentration, she could phase through solid objects (even inescapable magical ones like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth) as well as turn invisible without the aid of her wristbands.
Shadow Lady wore a sexy blue and red costume based on the Matt Baker Phantom Lady costume. Assisting towards that end was the lucky discovery of a “black light ray projector” that could either blind her enemies when pointed at them, or pointed at herself turned her invisible. https://pdsh.fandom.com/wiki/Phantom_Lady?oldid=95168, Phantom Lady was originally published by Quality Comics. Senator Henry Knight. Through use of her Black Light Ray emission gear, various individuals whom took on the name of Phantom Lady have learned how to access a dark dimension (possibly) adjacent to the shadowlands where heroes and villains such as the Shade, Shadow Thief and Obsidian draw power from. She was engaged to Don Borden, the agent of the State Department's counter-intelligence division - though the fact that she was engaged didn't stop Sandra from occasionally flirting with other men. Read Phantom Lady Comic Online The female Freedom Figh ter Phantom Lady and her diminutive partner-in-crime-fighting Doll Man make their New 52 debut! Since DC had never adopted the Fox Feature version of the character into their canon, AC could have disputed this claim but decided it was not worth getting into a legal battle with the much larger publisher. One of the featured characters was Shadow Lady, created as a parody of Phantom Lady.

In Police Comics #15, she wore a yellow curtain mask similar to the Clock's. Phantom Lady as seen on the cover of July 2006’s Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. View full history. She was given a lesbian sidekick named Clarice, who served as her lover and chauffeur. One night, Sandra discovered a plot to kill her father by two assassins who were trying to cause political strife. Sandra Knight was the beautiful debutante daughter of respected U.S. Though Quality's writers never gave Phantom Lady a proper origin story, they established her alter ego as Sandra Knight, the beautiful debutante daughter of U.S. It was only with the help of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America that the Freedom Fighters were able to defeat the Nazis and restore democracy to their world. Required fields are marked *. She has no super powers. These comics often featured cover art that was inconsistent with her character, depicting her with blonde hair or wearing costumes of the wrong color. Created by the Eisner & Iger Studio, the Phantom Lady - civilian name Sandra Knight - debuted in August 1941 in Police Comics #1 (alongside Plastic Man, Firebrand and The Human Bomb). The administrator of this site (read-comic.com) cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. During her career as Phantom Lady, Sandra Knight was a superb athlete and an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter, especially skilled at exploiting the distraction caused by her revealing costume.

Sandy Knight

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