A program which focuses on classic books, more high-level questions, and additional background information for students. 27. Within the current framework of standards-based reform and accountability, all schools and districts are required to ensure that every child can read and understand both literary and informational texts by the end of third grade. Have class outside.

0 Randomized evaluation of a multi-year summer program: Teach Baltimore. Participants showed significant gains in reading improvement — a more than 26 percentile-point increase. During the primary years (K-2), children need to master the reading fundamentals, such as associating sounds with written words. Prior to prescribing the appropriate level of intervention, all students receive high-quality, research-based instruction, followed by … (see http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/reading/achieve.asp). 1 0 obj h�bbd``b`a @��H0ׂ�T !�H�y���(����+��}�o� �P� 42 Most notably, the following OST strategies and characteristics appear to be effective in improving the reading achievement of low-achieving students: As program developers consider how best to meet the needs of their at-risk students, these findings should be kept in mind. This afterschool program incorporated a variety of staff and instructional approaches. Research indicates student gains are greatest when reading-based OST programs: During the intermediate grades (3-5), children need to develop and use all word identification concepts and skills, as well as comprehension strategies such as recognizing confusion, adjusting one's strategies, and identifying and summarizing main ideas and important details (McREL, n.d.). Three achievement levels have been defined by NAEP (2004): Basic – Partial mastery of prerequisite knowledge and skills that are fundamental for proficient work at each grade. Others have emphasized the informality of afterschool programs as being well suited to developing the social and cultural dimensions of literacy, such as helping children see how reading and writing can be intrinsically rewarding and relevant to their lives (Spielberger & Halpern, 2002). The variety of tutors and the variety of methods they used encouraged a level of individualization that the participants would probably not have experienced in their regular classrooms.

23. Many reading programs claim to boost student performance, but how is that measured? Last Reviewed: Friday, September 18, 2020, Trending in Curriculum and Instruction Resources, Recently Posted in Curriculum and Instruction Resources, Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Materials, California School Dashboard and System of Support, Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS), Local Educational Agency Accountability Report Card, CA Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), CA High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE), English Language Proficiency Assessments for CA (ELPAC), National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS), California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS), California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS), California School Information Services (CSIS), Current Expense of Education & Per-pupil Spending, Student & School Data Files (Downloadable), Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Data, CA Equity Performance and Improvement Program, Child Nutrition Information & Payment System (CNIPS), Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools, Assisting Students Struggling with Reading: Response to Intervention (RtI) and Multi-Tier Intervention in the Primary Grades, Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood, Implementing Intensive Intervention: Lessons Learned from the Field, Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices, Instruction and Intervention: Resource Library, National Center on Intensive Intervention, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Model Programs Guide: Schools, Response to Intervention Resources for High School, Using Technology to Enhance RtI Implementation, 21st Century Community Learning Centers and 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens Programs, Improving Reading Outcomes for Students with or at Risk for Reading Disabilities: A Synthesis of the Contributions from the Institute of Education Sciences Research Centers, Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions, Standards, Curriculum Frameworks Instr Materials, Lessons from the Field: Remote Learning Guidance, Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning. 10.1080/19404476.2019.1565600


The variation among the purposes and formats of these strategies reflects how interventions address the different academic and social learning needs of students.

McREL, in its review of the research on OST strategies in reading, evaluated five program characteristics to determine their influence on the overall effectiveness of OST programs: On average, OST strategies improved the reading achievement of participating low-achieving or at-risk students by five percentile points.

When developing OST programs, program staff also should keep in mind the importance of implementing a well-defined reading curriculum, in particular one that addresses state standards. A.
endstream (2001). Bookmarks reinforce a love for reading and you can find lots of free templates on Pinterest. In a review of extended-day and afterschool programs, Fashola (1998) recommends that OST program developers "adopt or create well-structured programs that provide extensive training" (p. 53). RMLE Online Classroom Coding & Robotics … Everything You Need to Get Started, Protected: Classroom Talk-to-Text Project. Large studies are those involving a total of at least 10 classes or 250 students. All rights reserved. (2008), "AdLit.org has a wonderful interface the very friendly to the user.".

Boston: Allyn & Bacon. h�b```�Pf��� cB��Čp�\~Cx��Q�#,-�jLA��T�5�w�=`��d�0�!b���|�1|r�`�A�o Watch book trailers on YouTube. Your students will love creating their own customized book bag. Our reading resources assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.
You can find many ideas out there on Pinterest, but one of our favorites is the chalkboard paint bag.

In addition to increased participation, other factors, such as the quality of student-staff interaction, may have contributed to the success of these programs.

High school students seem to reap strong benefits from OST programs; Lauer et al.

Conversely, the gains in achievement for middle school students were minimal, and students in third through fifth grades actually showed declines in achievement. SOURCE: Moore Fun in First Grade. Students attended these tutoring sessions for 90 minutes, twice each week. Have lunch with the teacher. 2. Making the most of summer school: A meta-analytic and narrative review.

Preventing and remediating reading difficulties. A lot of teachers use a class store as a behavior management system, but you can also use it for reading. Listen to an online read aloud. Attaining the overall positive effect of afterschool tutoring on reading achievement (a 19 percentile point gain) required 50 hours of "well-planned, closely supervised one-to-one tutoring.". %���� ��ƥ3��d8��1Lb(��~��A�g �feƏ�Ls�s��w�-�)���a��C�i���1�"����s�Յ�� Stretching your legs is a wonderful counterpart to time spent reading. Hike outside. The statements and views expressed are solely the responsibility of the author(s). Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more. Schacter's (2001) evaluation of the impact of an eight-week, summer day camp that implemented a systematic reading curriculum illustrates the potential for gains from one-on-one tutoring.

Use this as a reading incentive for all your students. The nation's report card: Reading highlights 2003. Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. Do apple tasting in the classroom. Luftig's (2003) report on a 2-week summer reading program illustrates some of the benefits of early intervention. Tutors had access to computers and software that aided them in meeting the needs of the study participants. The value of designing programs and strategies that engage students in learning is that increased time on task can positively affect student achievement. t���U@��yAg4�ʠn��UZVg0��DTW1�ĸ&�;$h�}����;��a`x��>Y �kܻ����@� ���{ These reading worksheets are broken into three parts.

Committee for Economic Development. Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers. Though these findings reiterate the importance of early intervention for struggling readers, students in the upper elementary and middle school grades who have difficulty reading should not be ignored. 18. Among children who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, a key indicator of poverty, just 15 percent of fourth graders and 16 percent of eighth graders performed at the proficient level. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 14(3), 23-44. 1 Almost all are standardized test, or state assessments.

Branching Minds

In addition to addressing these academic focuses, OST strategies and programs enable educators to address the safety, behavioral, cultural, vocational, emotional, and social needs of students. When children don't master these increasingly complex reading skills on schedule, the negative effects spill over to other content areas. In contrast, other studies have found that students did not sustain learning gains over time. Madison: University of Wisconsin, Madison. The Just Read, Florida! Though all of the students participating in the program showed gains when compared to nonparticipating students, those gains were strongest for first graders, who gained the equivalent of 6.5 months in reading proficiency. Or perhaps they get to spray you with Silly String.

intervention Students then work individually on exercises designed to fill in gaps in their skills. reading

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