You could either use an 82K or 100K in place of the 430K.

Many of these have been posted on, so check that site out for great discussions on building your own effect pedals. Sansamp GT-2pn.pdf: 17/12/08: guitar amp emulator: 39 kB: 2881: Tech21 NYC: sansamp … Actually I haven't built this yet still thinking about it.This pedal sounds great but I found a vero layout for the sans amp gt-2 it's sounds a lot better than this pedal. Re: zener diodes. Glad to know this layout has been verified and I am planning to give it a go.Regarding the 7.5V zener, can I use 1N5236B Zener Diode (7.5V, 1/2W) as a substitute?

From Schematic to Stripboard September 2012 © Updated 23rd September 2012 A lot of people have asked... A few people have commented on posts asking about offboard wiring.

I saw the Aron Nelson vero - it could probably be improved.

99% verified...i think it's all about verifing the schematic, cause i'm 100% sure that Alex's layout is as per works absolutely perfect till pin 13 of tl074.

I think it's a more complete pedal.I'll give it a try but the problem with the GT-2 layout is that it uses 3 2P3T Toggle or Rotary Switches. Haven't traced it.I've used someone else schematic.I'm planning to build it one day to check if it sounds like my original.

Personally, I prefer the "Classic". !But I still have an issue with my built;I have a huge squeal when Presence Drive and Amp Drive are CW, it's disappear if I turn off a bit the Presence Drive Maybe I need a neatest wiring?Or somebody have an idea to solve this?Here some Gutshot of my built: the enclosure;) for your help! You can protect the pins from shorting with some heat shrink insulation.If you want to cut a square hole, it shouldn't be too bad. Email This BlogThis! All links seem to be dead. i own a original and this pedal is a AC/DC in a box, real nice Marshall sound and decent AC30.

can you tell me if this is correct or not? I did not want to design my own PCB, I used the well-known version from TonePad . And you can find etchable PCBs without problems also.

Copyright © 2010-14, tagboardeffects.

Tx for the layout!

under a huge black plastic square)?

This will affect the bias voltage and it probably will not be where it should with the 430K alone (which is usually near 1/2 Vcc or 4.5V). There are two 100K resistors forming a voltage divider coming out of the second op amp gain stage.

Login with username, password and session length, Four Strings To Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them. could you tell me if you have any completed units for sale. I got some problems here:The pedal works sometimes. Sallen-Key low pass filters in series with cutoff frequencies of 9872, 4880, and 3940 Hz respectively (assuming SW7 is open). Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. It was tested by running recorded guitar tracks from MP3 player thru it.

The classic still looks like a worthwhile build.

Thank you so much for verifying this onePlease post pics when you get a chance to box it :-). Great to hear that Savvas! Awesome work as always! If a schematic is going to surface, it's not going to be through me - my rule of thumb is that if it's going to be more expensive to clone than to buy, forget it (used ones go for $100-125). (1) In the power section, the schematic shows a 430K in parallel with a 100K (equivalent to 81 K), where the layout just has the 430K. and the synth.

The graphics was painted on water decal, put on front, then proctected with 6 layers of acrylic paint and put in an oven to melt. Because of space, the wiring was rather difficult – there are a lot of connections between rotary switches and PCB. I meant a 'resistor' with 'clr' on it, not a 'transistor'.

Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 Posted by Alex at 12:29.

Thanks once again Alex! This comment has been removed by the author. (3) I'm definitely removing the 1N755 diodes as they don't serve any purpose that I can see for this circuit, especially if we use this as a simple stomp box. Sounds like a food blender. I don't think it will affect the output that much either way.

If your not sure socket it and try values from 1.2k to 4.8. I'm about to start building it. I will probably mount the 8 DIP switch by first soldering the 16 connection wires to the switch, drill 16 small holes to fit each pin (oversized) on the enclosure, thread the wires through the access holes, and then securing the body of the switch to the top of the enclosure with some epoxy. The effect started to operate without problems and without any excitation (the trick was with proper footswitch connections). I was under the impression it was. Yeah that's going to b a challenge a square hole will have to get the dremel tool out.

I cannot find the schematic. you could update the layout for that one too"on the board(not at the notes) where you say dip sw16, it should be 13. Hey guys, I've been after some guitar emulation for ages and eventually settled on the SansAmp GT2. ;) It was just a hunch, but I'll mod my build accordingly.I even found my 8 pole DIP switch and zener diodes at Radio Shack (hah)! ... schematics and interpreted layout diagrams.

I am interested to your Sans Amp GT2

Try this:Disconnect footswitch, In Jack and Out Jack.Looking at the layout, now FootSw 3 becomes the "Circuit Out".Where it says In Jack is now the "Circuit In".FootSw 1 & FootSw 2 remain unconnected.Now try to wire it True Bypass (the usual way).Let me know if it worked! Is there any differences between this and the gt2?

Schematic seemed to be primitive.

Thank !!! you can tweak it til you die with all dipswitches ;).

Hi there!I built it a long time ago and let it aside until now because of the same problem mention above.I made Alex's mods for true bypass and it's working great now ; totally silent in bypass thx so much Alex !!! Hi, all!How to wire it with the 3dpt button? Could anyone please tell me what those letters mean? Awesome Inc. theme. Your email address will not be published. do you use 2N5088 for the trans? How do you get around the block of epoxy? To get rid of the squealing, try putting a buffered pedal infront of it like a Boss or something, that worked for me.You could try putting one of these small buffers infront of it aswell, and they are small enough where you can put them in the same enclosure., Thx you for your help!I will try this and let you know if it's working ;).

Input Sw 1 is A1.Input Sw 4 is B1.Input Sw 2 is A0.Input Sw 5 is B0.Input Sw 3 is A3.Input Sw 6 is B3.A2 and B2 need to be linked together. This will affect the bias voltage and it probably will not be where it should with the 430K alone (which is usually near 1/2 Vcc or 4.5V). Its personal preference. it has some noise with some settings,but you can deal it out with the pres drive. Still a lot of wiring and 3 square drillings... !and i love overdrives!

I tried Amplitube for awhile but didn't really like it, borrowed a POD HD300 from work for a fortnight but didn't like that either and then tried a GT2 which felt like it had potential, so I bought it. i'll box it for sure!dip switch is great! :). "low-output-fixer-master" hmmm.

The sound is great!!! I bought some off ebay a while back for the Vibutron and it turns out there are 2 (at least) styles and mine was the "backwards" one and without |V|ark's help, I'd have been straight up poo creek..From the Frantone Vibutron page:IvIark27 April 2014 at 01:27One thing I should add before you build it is to check that the contacts on the Waveshape switch behave as shown in the switch diagrams before soldering it up. There's a schematic at the Tonepad site, so maybe Alex could do the GT-2 vero at some point. Powered by, Here's a collection of vero (stripboard) and tagboard guitar and bass effect layouts that we have put together covering many classic and popular effects in growing numbers. (4) The filter section after the gain stage consists of three(!) Frank, once again (you helped me on a similar problem with orange-15 project) your suggestion was right spot on!

I was wondering: In the second vertical row on the left side there is a transistor drawn with the letters 'clr' on it.

Aluminum works very easily with files. The last 100K prior to the output jack looks like an antipop resistor. In the meantime’ve read a lot about the legendary excitations of SansAmp, so I begun the construction with feeling of the incoming failure. now 100% verified!it was i tiny mistake of mine.output pot is backwards too. Hi Alex - yeah, I see that now.

Temporarily it will be used with my drum synthesizer. The folks at have published a schematic and printed circuit board design, with parts list, available here.

Enjoy the builds and please also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Then I printed the front panel design, punched guide holes and the drilled thru it. Parts of it may be potted.

BUILDING A SANSAMP GT2 CLONE. Hello. Its the resistor for your led. The idea is to select the eight different settings on or off as you wish. But back to the Classic: i can use 8 spst switches instead of the dip switch right? Total costs were closed in 30 euros – the most expensive were rotary switches (TLC RS1010-23) and enclosure (Tayda style). Hi,I build this layout. How bright or dim you want it. I don't think you want a rotary here.

The way it is drawn requires 1 & 2 and 5 & 6 to be made in the centre position. If not, I might have to pick one up to reverse engineer. Your email address will not be published. I am having the same problem as Alltrax74, I can hear distortion from the effect when it is off. I need a little help with the footswitch wiring (haha! I get R2D2 like oscillation at higher presence drive settings and amp drive settings. I have no idea what ICs are used. Wow - this looks very cool.

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