During the latter, Nelson A. Sioux warriors assisted the British during the War for Independence as well as the War of 1812. The bulk of the natives then moved north into Nebraska on their way to the Black Hills and the Powder River but paused to burn the telegraph station on Lodgepole Creek then attacked the station at Mud Springs on the Jules cutoff. In the spring of 1864 General Alfred Sully defeated a coalition of tribes at Whitestone Hill and Killdeer Mountain. Great Sioux War and the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Riding out, Custer reached an overlook known as the Crow's Nest on the evening of June 24. Major Marcus Reno’s scouting party reported the general location of the Indian camp and Terry sent Custer’s 7th Calvary to cut them off while the test of the troops approached from the north. While Reno attacked in the valley, Custer planned to take the remainder of 7th Cavalry (C, E, F, I, and L Companies) and advance along a ridgeline to the east before descending to attack the camp from the north. In June of 1866 Red Cloud and other chiefs met with Army officers at Ft. Laramie to discuss the new trail. The treaty broke up their 35,000 acres (142 km²) into six small reservations. The next year, U.S. soldiers took revenge and annihilated approximately 100 Sioux in their Nebraska camp; their chief was taken prisoner. The 9th Cavalry within the agency came to rescue the stranded troopers and the Sioux dispersed. A few days later a small party of soldiers and civilian surveyors was attacked by the Arapaho in what became known as the Sawyers Fight, three Americans were killed and it marked the last skirmish of the Powder River War.

The First Sioux War was fought between 1854 and 1856 following the Grattan Massacre. In 1876, hostilities commenced between the US Army and the Lakota Sioux, Arapaho, and Northern Cheyenne as a result of tensions regarding the Black Hills in present-day South Dakota. These events transpired between the government of the United States and the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux. ISBN 0-553-11979-6, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Wars between the United States and Native Americans, 19th-century colonization of the Americas, http://jah.oxfordjournals.org/content/93/2/529.extract, http://www.friendslittlebighorn.com/cheyenneprimacy.htm, Dakota Blues: The History of The Great Sioux Nation, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Sioux_Wars?oldid=5230402. Followed by the other companies, these men saw dust and smoke to the northeast. They were Minneconjou Sioux, mostly women who had lost husbands and other male relatives in the wars with the U.S. military. Resuming their defensive position, they repelled assaults until after dark.

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