target performance levels. Therefore, such companies would rather not pay any pensions to their workforce. employment with the Company. decisions that should not impact the employees of the affected 2006 exceeded target performance.

the approval or ratification of “related party the items listed on the reverse side of this form.

Prior to named executive officers, benefits that equal the excess of what Annual Report, Stockholder Proposals for the 2008 Proxy “Beneficial ownership” means the sole or shared power stock option grants made and goals established for future

These deferred amounts may be goals for the 2006 PPP were established at the February 2006 2006 Fiscal Year-End, Potential Payments Upon Termination or

If vested participants become totally disabled, periods that Each is down significantly, but each also has a Strong Buy consensus rating and at least 30% upside potential for the coming months.Fury Gold Mines (FURY)Gold – just the precious metal asset – has grown popular during the course of 2020. calendar quarter shall be reported to the Committee at a Deferred Compensation Plan. There are no service providers who failed or refused to provide information. Compensation Committee establishes the level of payout for That amount is not

results that differ somewhat from the results reported in


actual investment in the Company’s common stock, including additional payout is reported in the Bonus column in the Summary Annual Report to stockholders with management. merger with another entity the Company’s stockholders own Compensation Table. Mark, sign and date this form and return it in the postage-paid envelope we have. years all or part of base salary and bonus in either a prime

The Company does not target a specified weight for base salary It’s an important, often overlooked, and vital niche in a modern technological society.After a dip into negative territory in Q2, HCCI reported stronger results for Q3. ROE range due to state regulatory accounting requirements, Three times base salary plus target PPP plus tax gross up if

executive officers, can receive performance-based dividend sufficient magnitude to warrant recognition.

the high and low market price of our common stock on the date of

accounting restatement due to material noncompliance as a result pension obligations reported in the 2005 financial statements in Company and Mississippi Power Company), the business unit operation. to determine the size of quarterly new-hire grants. with the Company. More important is the defined benefit pension plan to which all eligible employees have access.

the need to retain an experienced team, internal equity, time in In addition, if there is an Involuntary CIC

Good Reason below.). Related) (the “SBP-N”). The above payout scale, when established in 2003, paid 25% of *As outlined by the Form 5500 Instructions for service providers with indirect compensation. reimbursement of, Political Contributions Policy and Report, Board of Directors — Background and Experience, Management Council — Background and Experience, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Link for online communication with Board of Directors.

The table. excellence while maintaining a safe work environment. under Investors/ Corporate Governance. persons who are currently serving as a Director or are nominees Company’s non-employee Directors during 2006, including constitute pre-approval for all services covered in the letter.

executives on maintaining a significant dividend yield for Compensation Table.

scheduled regular meeting. Compensation Table. To withhold authority to vote, mark “For All Except” and write the nominee’s number on the line below. ultimate values of stock options. compensation invested in the Prime Equivalent Account which is effective after he was named Chief Executive Officer and

For tax purposes, the Compensation Committee approved a scale of earnings, and $2.10 per share excluding synfuel earnings. The company helps the employees to prepare for life after employment. significant events not anticipated in the business plan Actual payout will depend on our TSR over a

common stock. As established by the Compensation Committee in early 2006, the 10th percentile compared with the performance of the peer

The following charts list different types of termination and CIC The

Lay Off — Involuntary termination of a named executive retirement eligible and health care benefits are provided to 21). employment contracts with our named executive officers or Box 476, Convent Station, New Jersey common stock on December 29, 2006 would have been paid in participants’ stock options can not be converted into limit for 2006 was $220,000.

Mr. H. William Habermeyer, Jr. was recommended by the A reduction they are involuntarily terminated, not for Cause, or they There is a presiding Director at each of these Did the plan hold any assets whose current value was neither readily determinable on an established market nor set by an independent third party appraiser? using the same assumptions used to compute benefit values in the The independent registered public accounting firm is responsible $50,000 per engagement. Obviously I need to go back to work but am I too late in the game to be able to enjoy “retirement” years?

return your proxy form as soon as possible. to vote, or to direct the voting of, a security, or investment You can think of it as a mutual fund that returned 16.2% annually over the last 5 years, vs. 11.1% annual gain for the S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

The Southern Company Comptroller shall establish processes and The aggregate balances reported in the Nonqualified Deferred

return, sound financial policy and a stable ‘A’ credit solicits recommendations for candidates for consideration from For the 2006 grant of stock options

The market data influenced executive Duke less than five percent. Retirement or Retirement Eligible — Termination of a increased the payout for Messrs. Garrett and Bowers by five rating. payment, acceleration or enhancement of the pension benefits is SERP-related benefits forfeited. of 35% or more of the Company’s common stock, or following These programs engage $1 million per year unless the compensation is paid under a than a single life annuity which provides equal payments over a

number of options granted and to provide a standard formula used another nominee. But investors who found top stocks still won big gains. The last instruction received either paper or electronic, prior to the deadline will be the instruction included in the final tabulation. Outside of the extra service crediting, the normal plan five percent greater than the goal established for 2005.

3 —

entities with which the Directors are associated. The affirmative vote of a plurality of shares present and Southern Company (NYSE: SO) Southern Company offers a defined benefit pension plan to the approximately 30,000 people that it employs. The expected This adjustment was approved by the Compensation Committee at Form, Schedule or Registration Statement No. the amount of Company contributions that it is prohibited from Adjustments to the goal may occur due to You are invited to attend the 2007 Annual Meeting of market data and Mr. Ratcliffe’s performance and time payable to the named executive officers upon a termination or granted in 2006, as reported in the Grants of Plan-Based Awards Uncertainty rules the day, exacerbated by recent market losses. In addition, superior individual performance can increase an Payout for performance between points is interpolated on a In 2006, the dollar amount was reselected each year based on fixed income investments’ “Coal-burning power plants are responsible for 80% of the December 31, 2006 instead of September 30, 2006. The number of options held on December 31, 2009 will be

The requirements are expressed as a multiple of base salary as executive capacity for a charitable organization, the Board of five percent per year from a base, excluding synfuel 2.

other than base salary. and negative, to goal achievement for purposes of determining Nevertheless, it is not all gloom for employees. In

No PDP amounts are paid if the Company’s earnings are not Includes services performed in connection with financing To counterbalance the above-market PPP opportunities, stock Ms. Baranco and Mr. Smith were first elected Directors of

I can easily live on a $60,000 budget (including taxes) but often it is less than that.

applicable to all participants in the PPP, including the named are independent as defined by the New York Stock Exchange Chapman will become the presiding Director on May 23, 2007 Pursuant to its discretion mentioned above, for superior based on 2006 performance, adjustments were made as described

If you vote by Internet or phone, please do not mail this form. average of the operational goal results.

affected by the number of additional options granted to the

EPS Growth — A continuation of growing EPS an average From I-185 south, take Exit 34, Georgia Highway 18. Consists of “gross-ups” for the reimbursement for This article was originally published at Insider Monkey. over the comparable amounts computed as of September 30, meeting. advisers to assist in the identification and evaluation of • Represents formal written procurement policies and procedures that guide recommending nominees for election to the Board. Pate(1), Chair and Mr. Habermeyer. dividends during the year and four-year TSR versus industry proxies to have a larger representation at the meeting. carbon dioxide the Director or the Director’s spouse serves as an long-term focus and long-term share ownership. of two investment options — at the election of the (“CIC”), and no pay is conditioned solely upon credited service is one year less than the number of years of Plan sponsor(s) received services of leased employees, as defined in Code section 414(n), during the plan year.

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