I'll remember every shot I hit there for a long, long time and it may be the best golf experience I've ever had, and I've had a lot of great ones. Day two we had a time around 4:15 pm for the Old Course. We participated in the lottery (in April) and were fortunate to get selected to tee off at 9:30am local time. There are those places, like Augusta, Cypress and St. Andrews, that can't truly be appreciated until you have been there and that's the case here. I must say I was discouraged and considered leaving, since we had counted only 12 blanks on the ballot for the following day. “You’re thinking about how you should play it and it plays tricks on your mind and makes you think two or three times rather than just standing on the tee, picking a line, looking at the course guide, and hitting it. So I will not rehash the course. Expect to play the 18th hole in front of a crowd. Caddies are a must, especially for reads on the greens because of the subtle breaks you just won't see.

I would highly recommend a caddy, especially if your first time. You must know your ideal line based on your skill level and that can be uncomfortable unless you have a trusted looper to guide you thru the trip.Teeing off in front of the R&A building is daunting and there are always towns people or tourists walking along the rail that serves as a boundary for the golf course on 1 and 18. If you don’t have a laser, you’ll have a really hard time because all the distances are measured to the front of the green. Easily in my top 3 courses ever played. The majority of the holes are memorable because you're seen history made on them before. With a 20 mph wind blowing, from the back tees measuring a little over 7400 yds, I shot a very respectable 73 that day and was very proud. Yes, it’s ranked seventh globally and second in Scotland, but many reviewers say The Old Course is great because of its historical significance, not because of its lay-out and design. Feel welcome to our elegant and luxurious hotel where we will make your stay an unforgettable experience. You will notice immediately that a left miss or favoring the left side of most of the fairways allows you to avoid the most trouble and the fairway bunkers with the exception of holes 10-11 and to a lesser degree the road hole 17th. To go to St. Andrews and not play the Old would be missing out on the whole place. You can recover from even the next fairway over. The most important piece of golf architecture and History await you at St. Andrews. As I walked to the first tee, my caddie was with my clubs at the regular tee. This golf mecca that anchors Scotland's Kingdom of Fife (and as the home of the R&A, the world, for that matter) has a collection of modern additions that add to the tale of the Auld Grey Toon.

I played well on the front...shooting around 43...but the back 9 was tougher and I couldn't avoid the trouble like I managed to avoid on the front 9. Played the Old Course 3 times in a 10 day period. Beyond the aura of starting and finishing in the town it's a design that is very nuanced. There’s The Principal’s Nose, Spectacles, Bobby Jones’s Bunker, The Road Hole Bunker, The Valley of Sin, The Swilcan Bridge ... so many bunkers ... so many places you have seen on TV or read about ... and now you’re playing there, yourself. There is a snack buggy/truck at the end of hole 9 along with the bathroom.

An exposed location above the North Sea means that breezes must usually be navigated, an essential theme on courses throughout the home of golf. Directions: A91 from Cupar. There are two sides to the world's oldest golf destination. It was very special taking a family photo on the Swilcan Bridge.6) The starter at the Old Course will check to assure you have an official handicap that is below 25. The only fair warning I can give you is that like Pebble Beach, everyone wants to get on to the Old Course. We played the Jubilee course at around 4:30 on day one, and it was pretty tough. When you take the relatively low cost in to account for a top 10 golf course in the world. But all of the trouble lies to the right. He tells us about his experience, by
You will use every club in your bag over the 18 holes at The Old Course — to me a sign of a truly great course. The "Old" course is everything and more that one imagines. Speaking of which, the tee shot on the road hole is unique and cant be duplicated.

Head to www.standrews.com to get started.

Try not to hit the hotel on # 17 and keep left at all times. They were hanging out watching from the rough and the caddies waived them over. Besides the obvious sandy ground, there is an abundance of bunkers which can easily trap those long drives required of this long course. Lots of great golf memorabilia. I was told to arrive early...since I was playing as a single...so I showed up at 3:30am to get in line for the starter. Once a common occurrence, the practice of going clockwise, which sees golfers start on the 1st tee and play to the 17th green, go from the 18th tee to the 16th green and so on, largely fell out of fashion. Fairmont's two courses feature stellar coastal scenery throughout the 520-acre property as well as from guest rooms and restaurants within the hotel. Courses near St. Andrews- Old. “There was a queue as long as your arm of people hoping for drop outs,” he explains. Kingsbarns and The Old Course are both more expensive. Getting to hit putts from well off the green and taking lines off the tee I never would have thought about...made for a unique experience. Pick out the Swilcan Bridge from the 1st tee and avoid the Road Hole bunker with your approach. The entire experience was iconic. Weather - part of what made the experience special was that we actually played The Old Course in literally all the elements. Was told that there would be time in the afternoon at about 2:00. Anyways, as I explained to my playing partner who was on the Old for the first time, this is a course that gets better and better the more you learn it. “[At the 7th] I played way to the right of Admiral’s Bunker and cleared the rough.
We went off without a caddy, carrying our bags with the thought that trying to unlock the secrets would be a challenge. I beg to differ. We got lucky as the weather was sunny, 70 degrees and little wind. The Old Course under the auspices of the R&A are the birthplace of golf as we know it today. They say that the more you play the Old Course, the more you appreciate it. And the 18th is just steeped in history with the Swilcan’s Bridge and a great view of the starting and the finishing holes. The course guide is a great help (you gets a copy when you pay up at the Old Pavilion along with some tees and a pitch-mark repair tool) and a caddy is recommended the first time around. Undoubtedly, you will play two of the most nerve-racking shots of your life at St. Andrews.

The fairways are wide; however, you need to hit the correct side of the fairway for approaches to be probable. Listen to your caddy, he knows more than you! Everything about it. A little flexibility, or perhaps some last-minute audibles can be part of the excitement of a golf trip here. Part of the St. Andrews experience, for many groups, is entering the Old Course Lottery. Whatever you have to do, and there are a variety of options, to get on the Old Course-Do it. We rented a flat a block and a half from the course and all of my research said that if you got in line by 3 or 3:30 am, you would likely get out.

Of course the wide open spaces and the prevailing sea winds also play an important part of any round. I actually played pretty well.

We got to the course early and had lunch, rented clubs and hit some balls on the range. I am so happy I had a chance to play The Old Course and would love to play it again because everyone says you learn something new every time you play it. Worry about your second shot when you need to clear the Swilcan Burn. It is a public course over common land in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland and is held in trust by The St Andrews Links Trust under an act of Parliament. When I told him that I wanted to play the back tees, he laughed and said that I wasn't allowed. The course, despite the rains, was perfect - one uses a fairway mat during this time of the year though. I so wanted to hit my driver over the hotel on 17...but I naturally played it a little safer taking it down the left side of the hotel. Left, and I mean even way left, is fine on the Old Course. It’s one of the quirks of golf’s most famous course that it can be played both conventionally and back to front.

If you have a chance to visit that part of the world and play some golf, by all means go and take your sticks.. Practice 50-yard putts. Just imagine the feeling of teeing off in front of the R&A clubhouse, to walk the fairways trodden by so many legendary golfers and to return to the clubhouse as you play the 18th hole. I got lucky and when back in a 2nd time in the afternoon and a 3rd time the next morning!! If you get the chance to play, do it. What a big time moment! Thankfully, I hit it own the left side and made a fairly easy 4 to start off the round.

Included in our agenda was a trip to the Old Course where I had never played. We played 2 straight days and had a different wind, with the same caddies. Once in town take third turning on left into Golf Place and follow for 500 yards. The crossing of 7 and 11, is always interesting to see the "right of way". I am sure that this is true; however, I appreciated it's greatness during my one round there. “Coming from the 1st green (which plays as the 17th) you don’t have to worry about out of bounds right. Golf

Promise. Located on the coastline just east of the town centre, Fairmont St Andrews, host of the Scottish Championship presented by AXA on the European Tour (Oct 15-18), is a 21st century stay-opened in 2001 (originally named "St. Andrews Bay"). We had sun, wind and rain. The ball really runs an extra 25-50 yards. Savor each minute you're there. Front nine very playable, course stiffens on the way in.

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