The show was originally developed at the Canadian Music Theatre Project, and has evolved in a way that is suitable for many audiences, despite being predominantly created for and about college students. Nine new deaths province wide, hospitalizations decrease, new cases double in people 80 and older.

Elsewhere, Natasha Karp is a strong neurotic and Ina Marie Smith has a pleasing presence too - though for the writers, in 2013 no less, to have been making fun of size 16 women and OCD is offensive. Music direction by Justin Hiscox, artistic and vocal direction by Brandon Remmelgas, and choreography by Liz Moody. Your support makes a difference in helping give staff members from all backgrounds the opportunity to develop important professional skills and conduct meaningful reporting.

What's New on BroadwayHD for October 2020? The show was originally developed at the Canadian Music Theatre Project, and has evolved in a way that is suitable for many audiences, despite being predominantly created for and about college students. On a more modest level, The Theory of Relativity seeks to link Einstein's eponymous theory with the human condition. The Drayton Arms Theatre is a very appropriate theatre for a show of this calibre. She is again perfectly comical in the duet with Ina Marie Smith; they make a great pair and bounce off each other’s energies. Indeed, there were several moments where I found myself longing to toss a wrench into such a flawless narrative. The fact that the words are not only fitting to the music, but fit perfectly with the characters is definitely a sign of a strong musical. It was a wonderful coda to the show. and Drew Mills as a boy who confesses about his difficult relationship with feline friends in “I’m Allergic to Cats”. At least in the arts, one shouldn’t follow the science but heed one’s heart.

Tickets available in person at the Market Hall box office, by phone at 705-749-1146, or online at

There are moments of heartache, but the repetitive theme of optimism is shown realistically, displaying how relatable these characters are.

Amelia Elias plaintively copes with wistful memories and lessons in “Promise Me This,” a song of loss with extra resonance during this pandemic.

I want to give a special shout out to Amy Graves for her end-of-show monologue “Manicure”, in which she was funny, captivating, and heartwarming while cleverly tying all the loose threads together. In a refreshing break from the company’s more traditional production style, the show is modestly staged; the blinding lights and blaring sounds of Memorial Auditorium are swapped out for the more intimate setting of Elliott Program Center, where a few rows of chairs are all that separate audience members from the action. Rob Johnson’s abstracted scenery, using hollow aquamarine cubes as bases for performers to sit on or return to, is dominated by large puzzle pieces behind the ensemble. Featuring Kathryn Marsh, Carly Evans, Dheepthi Gnaneswaran, Edward Sweeny, Elias Trivett, Daze Francis, Jenna Milner, Blair Waller, Mackenzie Phillips, Drew Mills, Joseph Roper, Kalene Lupton, Josiah Sharpe, Aurora Baker, Amy Graves, and more. Refreshingly youthful in topic and tone, “The Theory of Relativity” is a modest but winsome ensemble musical with rueful insights and lilting melodies that evoke a pivotal stage of life with moving freshness.

The song that really stands out in terms of written perfection is ‘Pi 1, 2, 2.5 and 3’. It made me thankful for the people that make up my world. Directed by Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan, the play mixes old, conventional themes to produce a freshly baked version of lives often told and retold to a point of being too repetitive. The Drayton Arms Theatre is a very appropriate theatre for a show of this calibre. Powered by. Further praise go to musical director Justin Hiscox and his band made up of Sam Quinn, Nick Gilroy, and Mark Hiscox, who keep the music flowing through this 90-minute one-act presentation.

The always excellent Simon Bailey leads the company as a quirky geek, in a character who also offers the one strand of chuckle-worthy humour with a recurring motif that gradually takes the value of pi to an increasing number of decimals. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the beginning for The Theory of Relativity, as it shows such promising talent woven with unique stories.

Our mandate is to provide current events and community information to residents, visitors and cottagers in Peterborough and The Kawarthas and all surrounding communities — from Lindsay and the City of Kawartha Lakes to Campbellford, north to Haliburton and Bancroft and south to the Lakeshore — and all places in between.Contact Us With songs meant to remind you of your days in the classroom, the creators made sure to adopt real and true stories to pierce hearts and generate chuckles. The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (217): Nina Simone’s theory of relativity. Supported by a strong cast and crew, the show represents Ram’s Head Theatrical Society’s ongoing effort to push the boundaries of musical theater and create work which is intimate, subtle, and captivating – and is, in this sense, a testament to the many possibilities which exist in the world of pen and stage. The question launches the performers into their own individual vignettes where each of them share their story about a person or an event that has made an impact in their life. Unauthorized distribution, transmission, or republication strictly prohibited.

It’s refreshingly optimistic and non-political and, with the tensions going on in our world, perhaps just the kind of show we need to calm our anxieties. Madelaine Bixler is a sophomore hailing from the Bay Area, majoring in theater and history. Harriet Walter : In Conversation about Linda in De... How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying -... Jason Robert Brown - Live In Concert - Review. Set above a pub and with a noisy air conditioning unit, the shallow raked audience placed end-on to the action demands a vocal strength in the company’s projected voice work that isn’t always achieved. The team interviewed a cross-section of students to see what it is they think about and, instead of politics and social issues, the writers discovered the common factor students spoke about was their relationships — family, friends, romantic partners, and even pets.

Though “The Theory of Relativity” touches upon some poignant issues, at the end of the night it proves hasty in its handling of more delicate themes – presenting us with an array of stories which are sweet and entertaining, but rarely relatable. Randy Rainbow Wants to Know How You Will Vote on Tuesday. Jodie Steele, Simon Bailey, Natasha Karp: It's a brave conceit to fuse art with science and one that The RSC only recently pulled off with their stunning Oppenheimer, analysing the atomic bomb's evolution. The incorporation of scientific jargon into the score feels forced at certain points, never failing to remind its viewers that we are the sum of heat, light, energy, and the inexorable trajectories of different vectors – all embarking on the same journey as we hurdle together through space. All rights reserved. A small band (led by Hugo Kitano ‘17) sits to the side of the main stage, consisting of two guitarists, a drummer, and a pianist – all of whom create a sound musical dynamic with the rest of the ensemble. That the show's final monologue (delivered it must be said, via a brilliant performance from Jodie Steele) seeks to play on the rather tortuous wordplay of "the speed of light" vs "the speed of life" offers a hint at how shallow this show's thesis turns out to be. That being said, it offers a hard working troupe in action and to catch a close up glimpse of some of our nation’s finest young performers, then fans, producers and casting directors should head to SW5. Last week, Ram’s Head Theatrical Society launched its fourth (and final) show of the year: Neil Bartram and Brian Hill’s new musical “The Theory of Relativity” – which, through a collection of songs, monologues, and interludes, tells the story of a group of interconnected people searching for love. Contact Madelaine Bixler at mbixler ‘at’ In all honesty, I had goosebumps before the end of the opening number — they honestly already had me before the show had barely begun. A number intriguingly titled Apples and Oranges hinted perhaps at a foray into Newtonian physics? In perhaps the cutest number of the show, Preston Lim and Paul Gregg, both ‘17, sing a song entitled “Apples & Oranges,” in which their love for “oranges” emerges as a thinly veiled metaphor for homosexuality – an angle on the subject which is revitalizing in its ability to discuss queer romance without succumbing to a one-dimensional narrative of heartbreak and trauma. Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1 (9/12 - 1/10), Last Chance To Submit Nominations For The 2020 BroadwayWorld Philippines Awards, MINTeatro to Livestream 'IN PROGRESS: Works IN Progress FOR Progress', Two Weeks Left To Submit Nominations For The 2020 BroadwayWorld Philippines Awards.

© 2020 The Stanford Daily Publishing Corporation, The exception to this trend lies – as it so often does – in the story of Jenny, who meets her dismal fate working behind the counter of a Dairy Queen, becoming too overweight to find a happy ending of her own. The cast of "Theory of Relativity" (Courtesy of Frank Chen) By Madelaine Bixler on May 24, 2016. The Theory of Relativity is the type of musical that I love: small under-the-radar musicals with a continuous musical score. Natasha Karp as the OCD girlfriend is absolutely hilarious. We don't have a paywall, require user registration, and we don't serve annoying ads or ads from third-party networks, so you don't have to worry about malware. I’d love to see what he can do next. These themes are accessible, and what I loved about it was that they are realistic, rather than a typical ‘love conquers all’ story.

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