Had enough of him before. Tracks watched as the Morphobots were launched into space to wreck some other planet's ecology. Spacehikers! He should be a dangerous opponent, but his concern with preserving his stylish appearance and poor ability to work with fellow Autobots hampers him. As Above...So Below, While rounding up the prisoners, Blitzwing managed to break free prompting Tracks to ask Needlenose about any weaknesses the Triple Changer had. Full Throttle Scramble Power! If the Autobots decided to continue with their initial plan to simply attack the Decepticon base, their advance was halted by a force field. The Iron Age, In the modern day, both Tracks and Jazz ended up as part of Optimus Prime's forces on Earth, only to be defeated in battle with Devastator and unceremoniously dropped on the ruins of Cybertron. If Optimus ordered his troops to attack the Decepticon base, they soon reached an area free of the anti-gravity beam's influence. After several more Autobots were captured, the imprisoned hostages were forced to run through several cruel and unusual torture devices. Shortly thereafter, Tracks joined Ironhide, Smokescreen and Brawn in protecting Buster Witwicky from Soundwave and the Constructicons. All Hail Megatron #7 There, they had to fend against the Insecticon swarm while Ratchet tried to repair Optimus Prime. Crawler, vain, pain in... During a battle against Megatron, Optimus summoned. He attended the ceremony that turned Optronix into Optimus Prime, and witnessed their new leader deal with three Decepticon assassins. It's Beginning To And Back Again Tracks was one of those Needlenose led into the Nemesis, arguing with his brother all the way. Crashing into a streetlight, Tracks was badly damaged and unable to transform. Tracks was stationed at the Ironworks base when it was invaded by Ultra Magnus and the evil Autobots of the negative polarity universe. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 's hostages to escape so that they could assault the Decepticon base. Shrapnel set him on fire, forcing Inferno to put him out. Tracks and the Autobots became much less involved in Earth affairs when Grimlock assumed control of the army after Prime's death and took the Ark back out into space. There, he participated in a great battle within a human settlement against the Decepticons. Afterwards, he escaped with Grapple in a science vessel and hid out in the Rayzor Nebula. They emerged to find all of the Autobots either dead, injured, or prisoners of Megatron. The War Within: The Dark Ages, Afterwards, Tracks seemed to lapse into semi-retirement while other Autobots worked towards establishing a new unified Cybertronian government with the Decepticons.

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