In addition, I provide students with instruction on what to do after watching the video clip.
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Hi! If your students will scan the QR Codes and simply copy the answers, put the answer keys on separate cards that they will not get until they show you their completed work, or have them check their phones and devices until a certain amount of time has elapsed. For station or group work, embed the answer key or suggested answers in a QR Code on the handout. How it works: I start by hanging the QR code cards randomly around the classroom (mixing up the order).

in Biology and a M.Ed. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. You can grab the simple, editable template, "Two words - Life Saver!!! This is one area where Apple devices are your friend.

How do you use them? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. As well, she utilizes her experience and that of customers to make revisions which make a solid product even better -- which show up in your "My Purchases" list. “I Kind of Got It” could lead to a form where they can explain their confusion. And now for some fun things you can do with your new powers…. Using QR codes and jumbo plastic eggs, students moved about the classroom reviewing their addition, subtraction, and money counting skills using their own iPads. I type a series of questions into a Google Sheet (being sure to number them), generate a doc with the questions as QR Codes, cut them up, and hide them around the school or my classroom. Don’t worry about getting blank ones (they are more expensive), as you will be covering them up. Check out

Insert details about how the information is going to be processed, FREE Mitosis QR Code Scavenger Hunt Activity available, Genetics and Protein Synthesis Teaching Ideas, Photosynthesis and Respiration Teaching Ideas. Videos can add so much to your lesson and are often great for visual learners. There are many fun and educational ways to how can QR codes be used in the classroom.

My favorite QR Code generator is

(This would need to be printed pretty large.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You can unsubscribe at any time. If you use this to introduce a topic, after students present, give a presentation or show a short film about what actually happened.

I have discovered that by integrating QR codes into my everyday assignments and routines, it generates more student engagement and creates opportunities for students to self-assess.

I’ll use history as an example, but you could do this with character choices in novels or short stories, too.

If they get a different number, then they know that they were incorrect and need to try again. QR Codes are great ways to direct students to a website, provide hints, spice up a boring website, or just deliver a message.

I’m also going to give you a free template for making a fun scavenger hunt with QR Codes.

This has been super helpful when administrators ask if a certain student was out of class at a particular time. In swoops the wonderful QR code! If you open up your camera app and hold it up to a QR code it will automatically scan and a browser link will pop up. Then I have two options for implementing the hunt–with or without QR Codes.

Each QR code card contains one QR code that has an embedded question. Biology contains so many vocabulary words that it’s almost like learning a new language. In addition, I am also able to do some quick and easy formative assessment. Subscribe to receive access to a whole set of free resources, including samples of doodle diagram notes, homework pages, and useful teacher forms!

If your school blocks pinterest, load the images to a Google Site and grab the links from the published site, or use this method on Dropbox: Pick a historical example, and think of a series of choices that led to a certain point. This documents the date and time. Any mobile device with a camera can be used to scan and read a QR Code. How have you used QR Codes in your classroom? Happy TEACHING!

Add QR Codes to your posters and bulletin boards to direct students to films, images, music, or readings about the topic.

It’s interesting here, because students who paid attention generally (though not always) select what really happened. You can change the color, add a logo, change the size, and change the background color with just a few clicks. As we embark on a year of uncertainty, we must consider equity and distance learning. These days QR Codes are old news, and in 1:1 classrooms, they may seem redundant.

", "This is the best resource I have ever purchased! There are tons of free apps in the Play Store that will quickly read these codes. Required fields are marked *.

I used this in my chemistry curriculum to give students practice on gas laws. But there are so many ways to use QR Codes in the classroom besides linking to websites that can really spice up your lessons and make learning more interactive.

But how about having students create their own using your guidance?

Apple for the win on this one.

It is like a jigsaw with a twist!

Android devices work very well with QR Codes also, but they require that an app be downloaded. Students start the activity at any of the QR code cards by scanning the QR code and answering the question.

When everyone in your classroom has a device and you want to quickly send them to a website, try projecting a QR Code. Students scan this domino first to get the first definition. The pope has refused his request for an annulment of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon.”. Vocabulary is something that is difficult for my students. Why not just share the link digitally with students? Plus it keeps you from using too much of your copy quota because they are going to be working on their own paper. They scan the code to find out what their part is. Roll a reward–when students are rewarded, have them roll the die and scan the QR Code to see what they won (homework pass, restroom pass, sit where you want for a day, free quiz answer, extra points on an assignment, extra xp [if you. My students love it and I used it for my ACP class observation and my supervisor was just so impressed!

Stuck in the rut of giving notes, passing out an assignment, grading the assignment, and ending with a test.

After reading the definition, they find the matching vocabulary word on one of the remaining dominoes.

The article, Ways to use QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom and Using Google Docs to Create Them, by Jill Thompson, offers these uses: Library Book Add-On: Put QR codes on classroom library books, linking out to information about the author and or book. « Spice Up Boring Topics With Student Made Videos, Good Teachers are Life Long Learners – My Honest EdX Review ». QR Codes fit into this picture. The task cards are an individual activity as opposed to working as a group. I have developed 5 ways to easily utilize QR codes in the classroom. Students begin with a START domino. Quick Response (QR) Codes can be a powerful tool in your classroom. When their time is up, give them 10 minutes to have a round-robin discussion, each student focusing on their prompt or question. You can find her store Mrs. V Biology on Teachers Pay Teachers , connect with her on Facebook and Instagram, GET ACCESS TO A FREE LIBRARY OF SCIENCE RESOURCES.
They can then swap codes and complete each other’s webquest. There are certain instances in which I want students to watch a short video over a concept or I want to engage students through a series of short video clips. Use the above as station activities for various topics. This is something I clung to in my first few years of teaching.

Ultimately, I wanted a way for my students to be the OWNERS of their learning.

I wanted a way for my students to check their own understanding. Instead, I have students sign in and out by completing a Google Form (if you aren’t using Google Forms check them out, they can do amazing things) embedded in a QR code.

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