Got an Origin 5 incoming!

This all-valve amp has power reducing features making it ideal for different environments from performing on stage to recording in the studio.

the origin provides useful modern features including: tilt tone control, to blend between two distinctly different voices, and power staging, making it adaptable to a variety of playing environments. Discussion in 'Amp Owners Clubs' started by Gatordad, Oct 18, 2018. Marshall Amplification ORIGIN 50 Manuals & User Guides.

Linn KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin Owner's Manual, SENNHEISER A 200 Instructions For Use Manual, Soundstream TARANTULA NANO Owner's Manual, Pro-Ject Audio Systems Pro-Ject MaiA DS Instructions For Use Manual, Magna Alert 30 Installation And Operation Manual, Installation and operation manual (9 pages), Crown Audio CE-1000A Supplementary Manual, Marshall Amplification ORIGIN 50 Operation & user’s manual (8 pages), Marshall Amplification 1962 ‘Bluesbreaker’, Marshall Amplification STUDIO VINTAGE SV20C. Not going to try to fool people into thinking I have an 18W Marshall. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear.

My Sweetwater rep got back to me about the Marshall speaker jack issue: My review of the Origin50c after 2 months of ownership: 20h owner for about a week. Marshall Amp Forum. So far I like it. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. congratulations on purchasing your marshall origin amplifier. Haven't actually tried any OD pedals through it said: Let me know how that Centura works out. I've been looking at that pedal. CODE 25 Owner's Manual Contains full information on using your CODE 25 amplifier, as well as details of the specifications. Always a bit thicker mids at 8 vs. 16. I'm interested in hearing also as well as the power tubes.

Picked up a used Origin 20C today off of Craigslist. Origin50H. I meant to take a snappy of my settings the other night at band practice, but I left my phone in the car. I agree that they would be perfect in the Origin 20. the origin provides useful modern features including: tilt tone control, to blend between two distinctly different voices, and an emulated output for those looking to record directly.

Using a classic all-valve design with contemporary features including a Celestion Eight-15 8” speaker this amp is unmistakeably Marshall. The 20 will be enough power for me, I just play around the house and occasional jams with friends. I’ve been playing my new Marshall Origin 20H for awhile now and have done a handful of shows with it.

Still, I realized I missed, I just ordered the Marshall Origin 50h from Sweetwater -- my sales rep did not know of the speaker jack issue and hence, did not know if it would be corrected on the shipment due to arrive to them in 2 weeks - he said he would check with Marshall on it -- considering I am going to be using this amp for direct recording and rarely, if ever, plugging it into one cab let alone two, it is not much of an issue for me other than wanting a fully functioning amp just in case I want to plug in two cabs or eventually flip it. Yeah right now I have a JHS Kilt for boost/OD/heavy fuzz, and a Bogner Burnley for thick hi gain at low volumes. The stock Chinese V2 and V3 tubes definitely should be replaced. JavaScript is disabled. I have a Redback waiting for my next 50C. Well, I changed my order to a 50c. Will compare a couple new production tubes with RFTs and Bugle Boys in a 20H. I wonder if everyone is playing it with the stock tubes.

I compared the 50 and 20 combos and ordered a 20 head because I didn’t like the 10” speaker in the 20 combo. I used to run the tilt at 3 and can now run it at 5-6 and sounds really full and with a Creamback it sounds more old school to ne.

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The rich and harmonic tone means that the Origin5 TM is suited to those looking to express themselves through their sound. Look I'm tired of "This amp sounds like $*** because of this or that video!" When I changed the tubes that came with a new amp for "better" tubes, I've never heard a difference or if I heard one it was so slight that it might have been a bias from me. Man it sounds sweet now though it's still not as clean as a plexi would be at similar volumes but all comparisons aside the tone/feel of the amp is great all by itself. I threw a couple of old Sovtek 12AX7s in to V1 and V2 just to see and there's definitely a difference, so just wondering what I might buy that would really optimize the amp.

They may be light on handling a 50 that's really pushed.

I changed V1 and V2 with tung sold and power tubes (which are JJ, not chinese, at least in mine) with some original svetlanas. Express your personality with this 20W head. For the record, I’m pretty happy with it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Grab yourself a Klone, even if it's something cheap like the Soul Food or Creme Brule, because IMHO it really, really sounds good with one. First off, this thing responds dramatically to different tube types and I swapped in a 5751 to V1 and a 12AU7 to V2 which was the sweet spot for my ears and knocked a surprising bit of hair off the gain knob to clean the amp up. Database contains 1 Marshall Amplification ORIGIN 50 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Operation & user’s manual . A Celestion Midnight 60 12” type speaker provides a classic all-valve, rich and harmonic Marshall tone. This 5W amp is for the innovators. What do you think? TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars.

Marshall 20H Vboutique Cab by GearHund posted May 15, 2018 at 2:32 PM,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. We all know tubes can have a significant and sometimes dramatic impact on the sound of any tube amp. I put Mullard re-issue EL34s and Mullard CV4004s in my Origin 50C. Played it for a little bit and then had to hide it from the wife and get ready for a party tonight. Download

(not gain, which I read is a diode...), Have the Origin 20h since a few weeks, bought to let my '78 2203 have a rest. If I was gigging I would get the 50 for the extra headroom when needed.

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