After the pool gets cleaned and Yura completes his transition, he and his mermaid warriors express gratitude towards the others and offer to help them out.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Watching the Dinosaur Empire from afar.

Powers/Skills Mermaid (formerly)Merman (currently)

Professor Lando |

ASMR 리얼사운드 먹방 채널입니다.

Unfortunately, Robb left in exile vowing to find a permanent solution for not only the tribe, but the entire species of Merfolk. She speaks in a calm tone, and often gets straight to the point with short sentences.

Subsequently, after Robb left the tribe, the high ratio of females created problems for the small population of males.

Prior to transitioning to male, the females are given a black marking on their faces to indicate themselves before and after entering the pool. At first, Yura was hostile and rather cold towards the others, especially Ryn, due to the tribe's isolationism. She is a Legendary Class holder and one of the main pillars of Overgeared Kingdom. In "The Toll of the Sea", Yura and his tribe come to aid Ryn's tribe against Tia's forces and battle them.

Origin [2] The single release, "Berawal Dari Tatap", bringing her was on the top charts in major cities in Indonesia.

Alive This left Yura distraught and disappointed.

Yura is a likable cheerful person, although it is easy to view her as attention seeker, but all she is doing is being honest to herself. [3], In the beginning of 2015, she became line-up artist at the 2015 Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival.

Vega Zone Troopers | Tia's Tribe become one of Yura's Primary enemies when they attacked their tribe after the latter refused to team up with the former group.

Yura the Great, also known as Great Demon Yura, is a colossal figure who is the true ruler of the Dinosaur Empire, standing above Emperor Gore, and the overarching antagonist of the Getter Robo anime.

Yura Full Name

However this is only when they're in their male form.

You were chosen. In "Til Death Do Us Part", Yura's tribe is revealed to have come under attack by Tia's forces after Ben and co. departed from Nome.

She is able to maintain four at once, impressing both Nurarihyon and fellow onmyōji. Yura the Great first appeared to rescue Emperor Gore and his subordinates after their island fortress was destroyed by Getter Robo. It is not Koon, koon has to arrive that day, and Yura arrived the day before.

Yura appears to be calm, hard-working and responsible, wanting to help the Admiral and her fellow shipgirls. Yura Keikain (花開院 ゆら, Keikain Yura ) is an onmyōji of the Keikain House who specializes in shikigami. Yura is a character on Freeform's series, Siren. Yura is a character on Freeform's series, Siren. Yura the GreatGreat Demon YuraUraUller Conquer the surface world.

Yura in mermaid form bears the same physiology as the other merfolk, but with white scales rather than grey to indicate the climate of her tribe's polar environment.

Metal Beasts.

Full Name Emperor Gore | Yura the Great, also known as Great Demon Yura, is a colossal figure who is the true ruler of the Dinosaur Empire, standing above Emperor Gore, and the overarching antagonist of the Getter Robo anime.. She likes wearing cute clothes.

Yura is the only known Mermaid tribe chieftain to be male. He is portrayed by Sisse Marie before transition and then Ben Sullivan after transition. Sagiri's idle line implies that Yura was the shipgirl doing the laundry. [4], On 21 September 2018, Yura released her second album, Merakit. Then, after Robb Wellens, who was previously female, was chosen to procreate and make new generations for the tribe and left the tribe to seek out a solution to save the species from the problems in the oceans, Yura felt betrayed and, after the pool water stops letting the females transition into males due to pollution, became desperate to save his people from extinction. After Ben, Ryn, Maddie, and Robb pour magnetite powder and vegetable oil in the water of the transition pool.

Yura Though angered at Gore for his many failures, Yura chose not to execute him and to instead give him one last chance to conquer the surface world with his ultimate weapon, the Invincible Battleship Dai. Occupation(s) "Northern Exposure" Occupation He forgives him and welcomes him back into the tribe. Biographical Information The casualties on Yura's tribe are currently unknown, however they were less severe than Tia's forces. That is what happened.

The first character that was given the spotlight after that was Yura Ha. Like the rest of his tribe, Yura was born female and after some years, he became the leader of the tribe. Meant to provide us with children for generations.

Species Yura selected him when he was still a female to transition into male, hoping to improve the population with offspring and future generations. Yura has shoulder length dark hair and two rose hair pins on each side of her side hair, just like her older sister Sara.


Evil-doer Empress Jatego | In human form, she has short blonde hair. On 21 September 2018, Yura released her second album, Merakit.

History. Dinosaur Soldiers |

Robb Wellens Portrayed By Hyakki Beasts, Vega Zone

Getter Robo (anime) Yura, the Demon Slayer, formerly known as the 'Blood Witch' and the 8th Servant of God Yatan, is a high ranked and powerful User. InvasionDestruction

He was voiced by Koji Yada.

Yura Chiryu Clan | Family

First Appearance Welcome to Yura's ASMR eating sounds channel. Fortunately, Yura's tribe was victorious in the battle. Hobby You left us to die. Male Massive SwordTelepathy

[5] Six days later, she won her third Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Award for the Best Pop Female Solo Artist category, with the single Harus Bahagia. With their opposition crushed and no one to stand in their way, Yura arrived on the surface personally to congratulate Gore on his success before holding a party to celebrate their successful conquest.

Series Information When he failed to destroy it, Tomoe performed a successful kamikaze attack and crashed his ship into the interior of the battle fortress, causing it to go berserk, killing Gore and crushing Yura underfoot before exploding and taking the Dinosaur Empire with it. He is portrayed by Sisse Marie before transition and then Ben Sullivan after transition.

Androssi doesn't need a picture of Baam to recognize him, nor is she related to the Ha family to be asking favors or faking her identity.

This was the same time the transition pool started denying the females' change to male, resulting in all the males to die out. As Yura, Gore and the other higher-ups were partying however, Getter-3's pilot Musashi Tomoe launched a final, desperate attack on Dai. Count Rasetsu |

Status He witnesses Ryn triumphing over Tia after defeating and killing her with two spears.

Emperor Burai |

Yura obtained her Bachelor's degree from Faculty of …

Reptiloids | Type of Villain Director Galeli | As explained by Robb, his merfolk reach out to them in times of need, such as when they caught enough fish to give to the starving locals during the middle of a harsh winter season. Having succeeded with the hits of "Cinta Dan Rahasia", she now released a third single entitled "Berawal Dari Tatap", which was released in conjunction with her music video,

Sisse MarieBen Sullivan.

Relatives & Affiliation

Crimes Yura the Great |
In "Northern Exposure", She and two of her warriors walk across the frozen shore to greet Ben, Ryn, Maddie, and Robb. [7], 2015 Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Glenn Fredly's figure in behind success career of Yura Yunita, "Yura Yunita sambut album kedua, Merakit", "Yura Jadi Artis Solo Wanita Terbaik AMI Awards 2018",, "Album Merakit, Pendewasaan Yura Yunita di Industri Musik",, Articles with Indonesian-language sources (id), Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 April 2020, at 07:24.

Tia became a primary enemy of Yura's when the former led her forces after the latter's tribe. Dinosaur Empire Demon Warlord.

General Bat |

This remains the same even after transitioning into a male.

Yura removes her coat and submerges herself into the water, she reappears again as a male. But you abandoned us. Her idle line and her 05:00 hourly line show that she likes doing the laundry.

Mechasaurs, Hundred Demons Empire Yura the Great first appeared to rescue Emperor Gore and his subordinates after their island fortress was destroyed by Getter Robo. Female He is also forgiving as he allows Robb to rejoin the tribe, knowing that he had done it to save his species and tribe.

Yura's tribe does make contact with the human locals on Nome. She was trained by Akifusa, raised to see yōkai as evil, and sought to complete her training by defeating Nurarihyon and then inheriting leadership of the household. Afterwards, he thanks Robb and his friends for restoring health to the transition pool, and welcomes him back into the tribe forgiving him for his exile. He joins the undersea battle with Ryn's colony. Baron Yasha |

Secret Ruler of the Dinosaur Empire Personality Edit.

Tribe Leader

I mean, SIU just made Yura look like Koon on an old picture to troll all of you who believed it was him.

Hinting that she could either be the FUG reg in disguise. Using the Dai, Gore launched a massive attacking on the city, devastating it and defeating Getter Robo, rendering two of its pilots too injured to operate it. Reading back to when Yura was first introduced, the chapter started out with Yuri finding out a way to see Baam again. She refuses to help in Ryn's fight against Tia because all the men in her tribe have died out, and they cannot be able to procreate to keep the population growing.

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