Percy Wetmore: Well, they got all the men they need. Percy Wetmore: Dead man walking, we got a dead man walking here. Wild Bill: [singing off-camera upstairs] Bar-be-QUE! John Coffey: He killed them with their love. Toot-Toot: Yeah.

Paul: [After John enters his cell for the first time] Percy, they're moving house in the infirmary.

Paul: [dragging Wild Bill to the padded cell] Come on, Wild Bill. Dean: Aw, wait. Wild Bill Hickok was no range-rider! Usually, death row was called "the last mile"; we called ours "the Green Mile" - the floor was the color of faded limes. Wharton, who thinks of himself as “Billy the Kid” but is nicknamed “Wild Bill” by the guards, is a violent inmate who takes pleasure in scaring and hurting other people. John Coffey: Heaven … I'm in heaven … heaven …. Paul: [steps close] We all know who your connections are, Percy. Wild Bill: Don't you call me that! [looks around, then whispers] For helping me. Paul: John, tell me what you want me to do. The Green Mile Quotes Showing 1-30 of 116 “Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not.” ― Stephen King, The Green Mile. All they ever talk about is f***ing. Awful tired now, Billy the Kid gonna guarantee ya that. Tired of bein' on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. I'm gonna kill her instead of you. [to Paul] Although you treat them that way half the time. You want me to take you out of here? Paul Edgecomb: What happens on the Mile, stays on the Mile. [Moores takes the hint and laughs grimly, regaining his composure]. That's why our job is talking, not yelling. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Brutus "Brutal" Howell': [sarcastically] Oh, my suds and body - a history lesson. William "Wild Bill" Wharton: You can come in here on your legs, but you'll go out on your backs. But, oh God, sometimes the Green Mile seems so long.

Paul: Goddamn it, Percy, get the hell off my block! Harry threatens that, if Percy doesn’t, they would give him over to, ...feeling exhausted, he sees Coffey’s steady flow of tears running down his face and hears, ...and to write his report about last night. John Coffey: You be still, now ... you be so quiet and so still. Hal Moores: [storming into the room after Delacroix's botched execution] What in the blue f*** was that?!? I do not see God putting like that, in the hands of a man who could kill a child. the Green Mile. Login .

They aren't in cradle-school, in case you didn't notice. Wild Bill Hickok wasn't no range rider! Pure and simple. I'm tired, boss. That's how it is every day, all over the world. Wild Bill: Don't you call me that! In truth, I wish for it already. ...DOE (date of execution) will come soon, but that before then a new prisoner, ...prison, and the endless waiting of which each day consists—waiting for Delacroix to die, for, ...indeed been part of a circus—is the guards’ main attraction for a while, until, In the meantime, Delacroix’s DOE (date of execution) is moved forward two days, and, the prison early and tell warden Moores to put Brutus Howell in charge of, ...jumps back in time to explain what happened. [After Percy empties the restraint room, trying to catch Mr. Jingles].

Paul: It's from my missus. John Coffey: Boss, Percy bad...he mean. Brutal: Arlen Bitterbuck, you have been condemned to die in the electric chair by a jury of your peers, sentence imposed by a judge in good standing in this state. [Paul gives her a sly look]. Wild Bill Wharton: Come on, fuckstick! Brutus: [grinning] I always keep a spare mouse in my wallet for occasions such as this. Paul Edgecomb: Goddamn it, Percy, get the hell off my block! Sooner or later, he's gonna get somebody hurt, or worse. Harry Terwilliger: You also scared the living crap out of me and Bill. Are you blind? He was just some bushwhackin' John Law! Why don't you go see if they could use some help? Wild Bill Wharton: Don't you call me that! Pin. John Coffey: Yessir, boss. Little walky-walky. him, asking him what he has done, and Percy walks away. [Percy, staring vacantly, is unresponsive after his showdown with Wild Bill]. Wild Bill Wharton: You love your sister? Paul: Men under strain can snap. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Best Quotes from The Green Mile Best Quotes Here is our list of the best quotes from Frank Darabont’s moving supernatural prison drama, based on Stephen King’s novel, where during the Great Depression, death row corrections officer, Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), discovers one of their inmates, John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), has a special gift. I want a fried chicken dinner with gravy on the taters, and I want to shit in your hat, and I got to have Mae West sit on my face 'cause I'm one horny motherf***er! Oh, I'll die eventually; of that, I'm sure. Paul: On the day of my judgment, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I...did I kill one of his true miracles - what am I gonna say? Billy the kid gon' guarantee you that. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world every day. Teachers and parents! Here are some memorable quotes by "'Wild Bill' Wharton" (portrayed by Sam Rockwell) in "The Green Mile" (1999), a film by Frank Darabont. Our. That year, I had the worst urinary infection of my life, and that was also the year of John Coffey and the two dead girls. Menu. Percy: [meekly] I didn't know the sponge was supposed to be wet. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world every day. Percy: [looks at Paul] I was trying to get the mouse. I'd hate to lose my job or go to prison...but I'd hate worse to have a dead child on my conscience. [After Coffey brings Mr. Jingles back to life], John Coffey: I helped Del's mouse. John Coffey: [scornful] Why would you do such a foolish thing? Dumb sonofabitch sat with his back to the door, kilt by a drunk! 1194 likes. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again.

Dumb sumbitch sat with his back to the door, got killed by a drunk! Old Man [Disgusted at watching people arguing on The Jerry Springer Show at the retirement home]: Why do we always watch this stuff?

Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out? Jan Edgecombe: 'S true. Bill Dodge: [to the bystanders] I think this boy's cheese slid off his cracker. Paul: Don't you think it should be? “They love for each other. A praise-Jesus miracle? [gestures surreptitiously to his groin]. He's puttin' in a transfer request to Briar Ridge tomorrow, movin' on to bigger and better things. That it was my job? Angels, just like up in heaven.

Not to mention the inmates. I was forty-four the year that John Coffey walked the Green Mile. [nods towards the inmate cells]. “He kill them with they love,” John said.

No sneaking up on me this time. Stinky-pinky, fue-fue-fue! Job be damned.

Share. Paul: [calmly] Can he carry a tune, Hal? You make any noise, you know what happens. In his cell, ...guards threatened him, but Brutal in turn threatens to tell everyone about Percy’s apathy when, Briar Ridge.

Paul Edgecomb: Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not. He then goes to talk with, to Paul, who serves it in an unbreakable tin cup and brings it to, putting Percy in the straightjacket and Percy begs Paul not to put him in. Paul: I don't think that's gonna happen.

Seven guards are in charge of picking.

I have no illusions of immortality. [Percy sees Mr. Jingles alive again and storms back to Edgecombe and Howell]. When Dean steps forward to unlock the door, ...was unable to sleep and that, to change his mind from his memories of, ...on seeing the face of the actor who made him think so strongly of, Paul goes back to recounting the circumstances surrounding, ...being in charge of an execution—but along the way Percy inadvertently steps too close to, ...the sound of laughter interrupts the corridor’s silence. It was my job... John Coffey: John Coffey, just like the drink, only not spelled the same. Paul: [calmly] Percy f***ed up, Hal. [Percy looks at him, nods and leaves], [Coffey seizes Paul's groin for a few moments, then spews a mysterious insect-like cloud, which dissipates overhead]. Harry Terwilliger: Now, w-what if he escapes? Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the The Green Mile movie on There's too much of it - it's like pieces of glass in my head, all the time. [scans their faces] Anybody doesn't like it, hm?

You can kiss my ass. The men walk toward Coffey’s cell and Paul is relieved to note that, coming back to consciousness, tells Brutal to leave him alone. Mostly, I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. Struggling with distance learning?

Old Man: "Interesting"? You mustn't blame John. Mostly, I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. Web. Hal: How in the name of Christ can you call that a success? Like. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Thank you, Wild Bill. Paul: Why don't you just go and make sure? When Percy walks by, ...his time in the restraint room and that he has always held a grudge against, ...when they were taken. I'm tired of never having me a buddy to be with, to tell me where we's going to or coming from, or why. John Coffey: I helped it. Hurt themselves and hurt others. They're under enough strain as it is. We'll go man to man.

No sneaking up on me this time. We had the electric chair - "Old Sparky," we called it. Percy: I think of it as a bucket of piss to drown rats in, that's all. He was just another bushwackin' John Law! Percy Wetmore: Adios, Chief. [Brutus grabs him by his collar and pushes him up against the wall] Don't. Brutus "Brutal" Howell': [sarcastically] Oh, my suds and body - a history lesson. tags: change, life, time. Drop us a card from Hell. Paul: [disgusted] Get all this shit back in the restraining room; you are cluttering up my Mile. He was just some bushwhackin' John Law! [Rehearsing Bitterbuck's execution, with Toot-Toot standing in for him]. He put his hands on me...and he took my bladder infection away. Paul: Well, you know. But I will have wished for death long before Death finds me. Paul: You all saw what he did to the mouse. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Paul Edgecomb: I think about all of us. Paul Edgecomb: A big man is ripping your ears off, Percy - I'd do as he says. Brutus: We don't scare 'em any more than we have to, Percy.

Paul: He did the same thing to me. Dean: I coulda gone the rest of the year. You can hear him up there! Walking our own Green Mile, each in our own time.

Always has. John Coffey: You tell God the Father it was a kindness you done. If you know of any good … Paul Edgecomb: We each owe a death - there are no exceptions.

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