Rachel was allocated as my mentor when I started as a Research Associate in 2012. I had taken up the position having completed a PhD and moved from North Wales and although I was excited about developing my career as a researcher, I felt completely out of my depth! Rachel provided me with advice and a wealth of knowledge on many a topic during her time as my mentor. Because she was externally positioned, she was able to provide me with unbiased information about how to develop my research career, and this was done with time and care; something I appreciate still now. She is very diligent in her approach to any task, and always takes the time to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to succeed. Her advice meant I have published in my field, explored a variety of avenues for funding and become a part of a dynamic academic department where my skills are acknowledged. I would highly recommend Rachel as a coach and mentor based on my experience of working with her over the years.

Dr Mirain Rhys, Cardiff University