RHD Consultancy offer a wide range of services to help your business. Whether you require management consultancy services, research, or language training, we’ll do our best to provide the help and advice you deserve.

Research & Evaluation

  • Policy evaluations
  • Research projects
  • Investigations e.g. compliance, governance, complaints
  • Evidence gathering and data analysis in order to inform and/or formulate policy
  • Reporting, publishing and presenting findings, solutions and recommendations
  • Consultations
  • Focus group facilitation

Education Solutions

  • Quality assurance and continuous improvement
  • Continuous professional development, training, away days
  • Coaching and mentoring for professional practitioners and leaders in education
  • Engaging, consulting, communicating with educators
  • Governor Training
  • Learner Voice and student satisfaction initiatives
  • Formulating and implementing policies and strategies in education context
  • Parent and community engagement


  • Policy and strategy writing, developing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating
  • Strategic direction and formulating Strategic Plans
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Consultations
  • Staff engagement and internal communications
  • Presenting to senior executives/ management boards
  • Training suites and guidance packs for staff and/or customers
  • Speech writing and public speaking
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Identifying and realising financial savings, efficiencies and better value for money

YmgynghorIAITH (Welsh language consultancy)

  • Bilingual Skills Strategies
  • Welsh Language Training Strategies
  • Skills Audits
  • Impact Assessments
  • Budgetary Evaluation
  • Implementation of the Welsh Language Standards (and Schemes)
  • Welsh language training advice and guidance
  • Welsh medium education advisory service

Language Training

  • Language Planning for Managers, Language Officers
  • Language awareness training
    • Implementing Language Standards
    • What are the Welsh Language Standards?
    • Introductory training
    • Active Offer
    • What is Mainstreaming?
    • Conducting impact assessments
    • Bilingual Skills Strategy Training
  • Welsh language skills training
    • Workplace training from beginners to A level standard
    • Training for Welsh speakers to use Welsh at work
    • Training for specialists e.g. terminology
    • One to one coaching for senior managers, speech writing, public speaking in Welsh.

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Previous Projects

Head of Change - Implementation of the Welsh Language Standards

Welsh Government

Lead comprehensive programme made up of numerous large scale projects. National change was required to overhaul the organisation’s compliance and governance in preparation for new national regulations and standards.

  • Report directly to heads of the organisation.
  • Set up and carry out audits of current performance, evaluate systems of compliance/ governance and drive forward Change Strategy and Action Plans across organisation to improve performance.
  • Complete Standards Investigation with Language Commissioner.
  • Create, pilot and roll out the first Welsh language policy impact assessment toolkit.
  • Devise and pilot innovative Impact Assessment on the Welsh Government’s budget.
  • Reviewed corporate training – Overhaul corporate e-Skills database and conduct skills audit which led to revamping the Bilingual Skills Strategy and corporate Welsh language staff training provision.
  • Carry out suite of training across Wales to enhance staff awareness and engagement with the standards.


Aneurin Bevan Health Board and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Developed and delivered tailor made training for senior managers followed by bespoke staff training across the health board on the Welsh language standards and implications for the organisation.

Education Researcher

Cardiff University for Welsh Government

Welsh for Adults teaching and learning approaches, methodologies and resources: a comprehensive research study and critical review of the way forward. Researcher as part of team.

Link: http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research/welsh-adults-teaching-learning/?lang=en

Specialist Consultant advising on the Welsh language and Welsh medium education Evaluation of the Foundation Phase

WISERD, Cardiff University

The Foundation Phase is the statutory curriculum for all 3 to 7 years old children in Wales.  It is based on the principle that early years’ provision should offer a sound foundation for future learning through a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Link: http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research/evaluation-foundation-phase/?lang=en

Government Advisor

 Welsh Government Advisory Group

  1. Evaluation of the Welsh medium education strategy – Continuous Professional Development Advisory Group
  2. Specialist Advisory Group for Minister for Iaith Pawb Strategy.

Researcher and Consultant

Dyfed Local Education Authority

Conduct and manage research project on costing Additional Learning Needs statementing procedure that provided recommendations on leaner processes and procedures to stream line and improve efficiencies in policy and practice.


Language, Culture and Markets in the Further Education Sector in Wales

An in-depth research project into the educational choices that students make within the context of education markets, economic forces, language, cultures and identities.

Coaching and mentoring

  • One to one training for early career education practitioners.
  • Coaching for senior leaders and managers e.g. compliance, speech writing, public presentations.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Formulate a Strategy for the Life Sciences Hub

The Life Sciences Hub was a new organisation in 2017 and was immediately required to comply with the new Welsh Language Standards from the outset. A complaint was received early on in its early start-up about its compliance with the Standards and YmgynghorIAITH was asked to complete a corporate health check to detail its performance against the Language Standards so far. 

The company conducted a language skills audit of all the staff, completed a series of investigations that included mystery shoppers and focus groups and questionnaires with staff and stakeholders. We conducted a wide range of semi structured interviews with heads of various functions, including external relations and communications and from there, identified the key strengths and areas for development. 

We formulated an Action Plan based on the evidence we collected with the Hub and then embarked on a series of training sessions for all the staff, Board members and senior leaders in order to raise awareness. As part of this project, we wrote a strategy and draft Welsh language policy for the Hub which provided a sound basis for them to develop their compliance with the Standards in their first few years.

Staff Skills Audit, Newport City Council

Rachel came to Newport City Council to undertake language assessments with staff. 

It was an interesting experience for both the individual staff and the organisation. From talking to the individuals beforehand, many of them were concentrating on their deficiencies, but they became more confident after talking to Rachel and came to appreciate the recognition she made of their attainment i.e. what they were able to do. 

Rachel’s audit gave us the insight into what is possible to achieve with a little professional support – not only did she assess their language skills, but through discussing with her, staff were enthused and motivated to use and improve their language skills. The audit has also raise the organisation’s understanding of the development needs of individuals, as well as led to providing training to develop the skills of Council staff further. 

It was a pleasure working with Rachel. She has a vast range of experience and strengths with the ability to work with individuals as a tutor or mentor, whilst also being able to work with organisations at the highest level as a strategic consultant. 

Rachel has a deep understanding of the field of language planning and is confident working with organisations whatever their stage of development!

The report produced by Rachel was extremely useful and professional in appearance. 

Rachel makes good use of her time to ensure that your organisation achieves the best value for money and she is happy to talk more widely, giving advice on areas wider than the work being commissioned!

Llio Elgar, Newport County Council.

Providing strategic advice to the HR Department of NPTC Colleges Group on assessing and planning Welsh language staff skills for workforce organisational planning

During 2015-16, the Senior Management Team and Corporate Board approved the College’s Welsh Language Skills Strategy. The process of implementing the Strategy commenced in July 2016 and the first step was to ask every manager and head of academic school to complete a language skills audit for each job role within their area. 

In December 2016, RHD was commissioned to work with the HR Department of the College in order to provide independent support on reviewing and validating the audit results from each manager. 

The advice received was wise, balanced and invaluable in terms of:

  • confirming that the college was on the right track with regard to recruitment and staff development;
  • identifying the language skills levels appropriately and correctly in relation to the wide range of different job roles and functions across the organisation;
  • formulating plans for, and identify roles where Welsh language skills were essential or desirable in order to be able to deliver services in Welsh fully;
  • framing the needs of the organisation’s language skills within the new statutory context facing the college when implementing the ‘Standards’ approach from March 2018 onwards;
  • identifying and planning for the future.  

Following the advice received from RHD, the college has held face to face interviews with numerous key managers and has started advertising vacancies including far more comprehensive descriptions of the language skills necessary to perform the job role. 

We recommend the company because:

  • RHD’s understanding of the implications of the Welsh Language (Wales) 2011 Measure, the Welsh Language Commissioner’s regulatory role and the responsibilities on organisations in the public sector to comply with the new Welsh Language Standards;
  • RHD’s expertise and experience in the field of language planning and bilingual workforce planning.

Robin Gwyn, Director of Bilingualism, Neath Port Talbot College Group.

Setting Performance Measures and Researching the Efficacy of the Welsh Language Promotion Strategy for Carmarthenshire County Council

The Council was preparing the Welsh Language Promotion Strategy in line with the Language Standards. During this work, the need for specific research projects were identified that would help the Council to prioritise its limited resources and to set the direction of travel for the future. 

The first piece of work was to map the entire Welsh language activities across the county against the objectives in the Strategy in order to obtain a clearer picture of the extent to which the work being carried out at present was appropriate and in line with the strategic objectives. The research demonstrated to what extent the limited resources were being correctly targeted and whether some strategic objectives were being met more than others and where more focus was required in specific activities and areas in order to ensure the vision in the Promotion Strategy is delivered. 

The second piece of work was setting performance measures in order for the Council and County Forum to measure progress against the Promotion Strategy as set out in the timetable for reporting to the Welsh Language Commissioner and the Census results of 2021. 

The quality of the work was high and the level of detail was exceptional. The research work has provided an excellent foundation for the Council and Forum’s work programme and has provided a solid evidence base for partners locally to plan their work programmes. We will refer to the research throughout the lifetime of the Strategy and our Elected Members also will refer to the research when formulating Work Plans over the coming years. 

We recommend the company’s work. The company has prepared work of a very high quality for us, in a professional manner, and were flexible to our needs and short timescales. 

It was a pleasure working together.

Llinos Evans, Policy and Partnership Team, Carmarthenshire County Council.

Advise Senior Executives on Compliance and Create Impact Assessment Tool, Older People’s Commissioner, Wales

As the organisation prepared to ensure its compliance with the new Welsh Language Standards, the company was asked to complete several projects on their behalf, namely:

  • Advice and coaching for senior leaders on the Standards Implementation Plan; 
  • One to one training for the Director responsible for compliance matters;
  • Create an impact assessment tool for policy decisions;
  • Lead training on the Standards specifically focusing on the Policy Making Standards and how to complete the impact assessment on the Welsh language when formulating policy.


Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Cardiff and Vale UHB arranged Welsh language awareness training for senior staff followed by a suite of Welsh language courses for staff across the organisation. This was strategic and purposeful in order to increase staff interest and engagement and general awareness of the national standards. Rachel and her team listened to our needs and tailored a package of training provision which was just what we wanted. We would definitely work with Rachel again due to her professionalism and expertise on the Welsh language. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions.

Lesley Jones, Alun Williams.

Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service, Swansea, wanted to improve the Welsh language skills of its staff at all levels and across many departments. In particular, CPS wanted tailored training for solicitors to gain the confidence and required terminology in Welsh to be able to present in Court in Welsh. They also wanted to up-skill current Welsh speakers working on reception and in front line roles to be able to provide a quality service in Welsh. Rachel Heath-Davies devised tailor-made courses according to the clients’ needs and delivered specialist training over one year. As a result, the staff were able to use their Welsh language skills in a professional work context with more confidence and fluency.

Professional Mentoring

Rachel was allocated as my mentor when I started as a Research Associate in 2012. I had taken up the position having completed a PhD and moved from North Wales and although I was excited about developing my career as a researcher, I felt completely out of my depth! Rachel provided me with advice and a wealth of knowledge on many a topic during her time as my mentor. Because she was externally positioned, she was able to provide me with unbiased information about how to develop my research career, and this was done with time and care; something I appreciate still now. She is very diligent in her approach to any task, and always takes the time to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to succeed. Her advice meant I have published in my field, explored a variety of avenues for funding and become a part of a dynamic academic department where my skills are acknowledged. I would highly recommend Rachel as a coach and mentor based on my experience of working with her over the years.

Dr Mirain Rhys, Cardiff University.

Dyfed Local Education Authority

I was very pleased with the excellent work completed by Rachel which was of a great quality standard and extremely valuable to Dyfed Local Education Authority. Due to this, we entered for a national competition and won the national award. Rachel comes highly commended.
Brian Miles, Dyfed LEA.

Our Upcoming Projects

We’re always working hard to provide expert and independent advice to business that have the potential to make a difference.

Here’s a list of some of the projects we’ve got on the way.

  • Awarded national contract to deliver ‘Welsh Work’ language training.
  • Launch of partnership with Premier Partnership – CPD for local authorities on Finance, Value for Money and Welsh language awareness.
  • Reviewing and writing corporate policies and strategies – Life Sciences Hub, Wales and Carmarthenshire County Council.

For a full list of our upcoming projects as well as keep track of all of our projects head over to the News pages.

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