The Welsh Language Teaching Centre has published its strategy – the new national body that is leading the teaching of Welsh to adults.

Strategic Objective 1       Develop an innovative programme of attractive and suitable courses for learners making full use of the latest technology

Strategic Objective 2       Develop innovative schemes to secure opportunities and contexts where learners can use their Welsh with confidence

Strategic Objective 3       Establish a network of providers to offer a service of excellence

Strategic Objective 4       Raise the profile of the sector and increase the numbers who start courses and continue to learn Welsh

Strategic Objective 5       Establish and maintain service support procedures

For more information, please click on the strategy:

In response to the Strategy, Dr Rachel Heath-Davies is looking forward to seeing the new curriculum developments, welcomes the new course books and materials that are currently being authored, and is looking forward to the new Welsh in the Workplace Strategy. “As somebody who has had experience of developing training and Continuous Professional Development for tutors across the sector, nationally, I am looking forward to the new CPD Strategy.” Rachel also said that she acknowledged the challenges of increasing course contact hours and intensive provision and welcomes the developments.

YmgynghoriAITH provides significant amounts of language training and looks forward to the potential of collaborative working with the Centre in the future.