Welsh in education: Action plan 2017 – 22

In December 2017, the Welsh Government announced its Action Plan for Welsh in education for the next four years. This Plan is one of a suite of action plans stemming from the Cymraeg 2050 strategy and it outlines how the Government intends to reach the goal of creating a million Welsh speakers by 2050. There [...]

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Cymraeg 2050: Welsh language strategy

Here is a link to the Welsh Government’s strategy to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050. Also found here is the Work Programme, or Action Plan, outlining how they aim to reach the target. http://gov.wales/topics/welshlanguage/welsh-language-strategy-and-policies/cymraeg-2050-welsh-language-strategy/?skip=1&lang=en

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Training Programme

RHD Consultancy YmgynghorIAITH - Taflen ar gyrsiau hyfforddi [Saesneg] pdf Today we are publishing our Training Programme which lists the huge number of different corporate training we offer. There are courses on presentation skills and public speaking, training on managing people and projects, courses on what is value for money, or what about a course [...]

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FREE Welsh training courses

An exciting, new Programme is underway and there are fabulous opportunities available to train and develop the Welsh language skills of the workforce, nationally. The new Work Welsh Programme is innovative and provides organisations with the opportunity to invest in their staff and improve services provided in Welsh. The National Welsh Language Teaching Centre announced [...]

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Identifying and Utilising Existing Staff Skills

What Welsh language skills are there in the workplace? Findings from Iaith ar Daith Believe it or not, many staff have Welsh language skills in our workplaces. This was one of the main findings of our recent project on Welsh in the Workplace skills audits. RHD Consultancy completed a project between December 2016 and March [...]

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£3million announced for Welsh training in the workplace

Following the Welsh Government’s announcement that additional funding of £3m is to be allocated to a new learning programme, the Welsh Language Teaching Centre is introducing a new pilot programme, Work Welsh. You will find more information on the programme here. The aim of the programme is to offer opportunities to a range of workers [...]

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Together – Welsh language teaching strategy

The Welsh Language Teaching Centre has published its strategy – the new national body that is leading the teaching of Welsh to adults. Strategic Objective 1       Develop an innovative programme of attractive and suitable courses for learners making full use of the latest technology Strategic Objective 2       Develop innovative schemes to secure opportunities and contexts [...]

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Road Show

Today we have launched our Road Show across Wales. We are conducting Welsh Language Skills Audits for staff in organisations across the country to help support the Welsh Language Standards Action Plan. Our qualified and professional tutor will assess each member of staff seen in one day in accordance with the nationally recognised language skill [...]

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Million Welsh speakers by 2050

Rachel Heath-Davies on Radio Cymru discussing the million Welsh speakers by 2050 target http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07wzprs   Welsh language target of one million speakers by 2050 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-36924562  

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